Research and Development Committee

The Research and Development (R&D) Committee handles a variety of funding opportunities for faculty and administers the current Bridge Funding program. They are also involved in student research opportunities, including the Medical Student Summer Research Program. Dr. Howard Fox, Senior Associate Dean for Research Development, is the Chairperson for this committee. 

2020-21 Members: 


Howard S. Fox, MD, PhD, Chairperson


Jen Brady, Administrative Support


Michele Aizenberg, MD



Kenneth Bayles, PhD


Keely Buesing, MD


Jesse Cox, MD, PhD


Rebecca Deegan, PhD


Babu Guda, PhD


Yutong Liu, PhD


Jason MacTaggart, MD


Roslyn Mannon, MD


Kaleb Michaud, PhD


Paras Kumar Mishra, PhD


Philipp Streubel, MD