Extramural Rotation Program


Extramural Rotation Program 

For over thirty years, the College of Dentistry has been sending fourth-year dental students into established dental practices in Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota and Kansas with a preceptor - a professional dentist who acts as a mentor and directs students in their practice. Extramural rotations are part of the college's service learning curriculum and an educational requirement for all students.

The goal of extramural rotations is for students to receive hands-on experience in running a private practice. For preceptors, mentoring dental students is a rewarding experience.


"Many of my students have gone on to their own private practices and they still call me with questions. Those strong relationships built on trust are very rewarding."

"Some of my students have chosen their dental career paths because of their experiences with me. In fact, two of my current partners, Dr. Daniel Woodburn and Dr. David Perry, did their extramural rotations here, as well as one of our team members, Dr. Lindsey Petersen." 

- Dr. Ben Lashley, Maple Park Dental Associates, North Platte

Read more about Dr. Lashley's experience being a preceptor.

Current Preceptors

Bridgeport Family Dental Bridgeport
Good Neighbor Community Health Center Columbus
Hastings Family Dental Hastings
Pediatric Dental Specialists of Greater Nebraska Hastings
Lyon Family Dental Kearney
Bluestem Health Center Lincoln
Eastview Family Dental Lincoln
Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department Lincoln
Midtown Health Center Norfolk
Maple Park Dental Associates North Platte
Charles Drew Health Center Omaha
UNMC Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery  Omaha
Winnebago Dental Clinic Winnebago
Dental Mobile Program Pierre, SD
St. Francis Dental Clinic St. Francis, SD

Student Outcomes & Expectations

  1. Evaluate the business and patient management utilized by the practice they visited.
  2. Identify the financial and social issues of the practice they visited.
  3. Report on the degree to which the practice could meet community dental health needs.
  4. Demonstrate appropriate patient management skills.
  5. Identify the role of the dentist in a community beyond the practice of dentistry.
  6. Understand the kinds of problems faced by a dentist in rural private practice, the public health dentist and dentists serving the institutionalized population.
  7. Recognize the degree to which health care needs are met by the practice in which they are assigned.
  8. Apply patient management skills to patients outside the College of Dentistry.
  9. Become acquainted with the relationship of dentist to the community from a social, professional, cultural and family aspect.
  10. Observe the practice as an entry point into the dental care system.
  11. Recognize common and important dental ailments.
  12. Identify methods used in patient education and motivation.
  13. Observe and participate in the comprehensive range of clinical services, including prevention, which are provided to patients to minimize need for patient referrals.
  14. Provide assigned treatment to patients as directed by the preceptor/instructor.
  15. Observe the continuity of care provided by the practice.
  16. Determine the quality of care provided within the context of a family, nursing home, tribe or community.
  17. Identify and observe the coordination of dental specialty case where needed.
  18. Observe and participate in the coordination of the patient’s dental care with his or her medical status when needed.
  19. Observe and participate in the methods of diagnosis and treatment planning.
  20. Observe and participate in the management of dental emergencies.
  21. Observe and participate in office management where appropriate, including appointment scheduling, third party payment, management of time and motion, patient records, recall systems and financing health care.
  22. Observe the type of equipment and office design within the framework of the “sit-down four- handed dentistry.”
  23. Observe and participate in the interaction of the dental team.

Preceptor Resources

UNMC Preceptor Toolkit - Includes resources on teaching, giving feedback and more.

College-Specific Resources
Gown Policy
Mentor Evaluation
Student Evaluation
Volunteer Form

If you are interested in becoming a preceptor, contact:

Jennifer K. Kallio, DDS
Assistant Professor