Dental Hygiene Program

Dental hygiene, a preventive profession, is composed of licensed dental hygienists who are an integral part of the dental health team. They provide educational, clinical and therapeutic services to those seeking dental care.

The dental hygiene curriculum at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Lincoln is fully approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation and its graduates are eligible for examination and licensure in all states.

The curriculum is organized into a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in dental hygiene. Preparation for admission to the dental hygiene program consists of approximately two academic years of study and this course work must be completed at any accredited college. To comply with our prerequisites, it would be advisable to contact us (UNMC College of Dentistry, 4000 East Campus Loop South, P.O. 830740, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68583-0740, Phone: 402.472.1433), so we can help you select courses that will fulfill requirements for our program as well as your respective college.

After selection into the dental hygiene program, the next two academic years and one summer session are spent at the College of Dentistry in Lincoln, Nebraska, or the West Division campus in Gering, Nebraska.

Please see complete details about admissions to the dental hygiene program and requirements before completing the on-line application process.

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