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University of Nebraska Medical Center


Introduction to Biomedical Research Modalities

This module describes and differentiates basic, translational, and clinical research. Explore various research environments and approaches through faculty interviews and virtual lab tours. Learn how to get involved in research experiences and build your research competencies!

Apr 5, 2024

Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing Guide: The Right Test for The Right Patient At The Right Time

This module is designed to introduce student providers to the most common sexually transmitted infections (STI) in the region and indications for screening/testing. Careful consideration of patient history, current symptoms, and local STI rates will allow the student to select efficient laboratory testing to reduce time to treatment and unnecessary testing. This module will provide […]

Apr 5, 2024

Let’s Talk About Sex (And Gender)!

As a future health professional, you will encounter clients with diverse sexual and gender backgrounds. It is important for you to have the basic knowledge to be able to interact with and provide culturally appropriate care for these individuals. This module will help you learn the basics in sex and gender diversity. 

Apr 4, 2024

Beyond the Waves: A Guide to Therapeutic Ultrasound

Beyond the Waves: A Guide to Therapeutic Ultrasound reviews therapeutic ultrasound, a biophysical agent used in physical rehabilitation settings for diverse patient needs. The module discusses therapeutic ultrasound terminology, parameters, indications, precautions, contraindications, and the safe and appropriate application for a client case. A video demonstrates how to apply therapeutic ultrasound.

Apr 4, 2024

Understanding Hypothesis Testing, Significance Level, Power and Sample Size Calculation

This e-module offers an in-depth discussion of the essential components of hypothesis testing: significance levels, statistical power, and sample size calculations, which are fundamental to rigorous research methodology. Learners will develop a comprehensive understanding of designing, interpreting, and evaluating research findings through interactive content and real-world case studies. This will enable them to make well-informed […]

Apr 4, 2024

Here, There, and Everywhere: Germ Layers and Their Derivatives 

This module provides the opportunity to review gastrulation, the formation of germ layers, and the final derivatives of each germ layer in the human body. Learners can choose to explore this content in two ways: by germ layer or by anatomical region.

Apr 4, 2024