Frequently Asked Questions:


How many applications do you get?


Do you accept visiting rotators, and if so, how important is completing a visiting rotation?


Do you have an integrated program?


Do you have USMLE score minimums?


Do you accept IMGs, and if so, what visas do you sponsor?


What is call like?


What is the clinical training like?


What is the surgical training like?


Do residents give presentations?


Is there a VA?


Is there a wet lab?


How is patient volume and diversity?


How much vacation time do you get?


Do you get conference and education money?


Is there a library and access to electronic journals?


Do residents need to purchase instruments?


Is research required?


Is publication required?


What fellowship opportunities are available?


What do program graduates do?


How is the benefits package?


How is the program’s work-life balance?


Is parking available?


Is subsidized housing available?


Where do most residents live?


Are there job opportunities for my spouse/significant other?


Do I need a car?