H-1B Sponsorship for Departments

The H-1B Visa is employer-sponsored. Therefore, it is the employer, not the applicant, who decides to pursue this status for an employee.

H-1B approvals are position, salary, and employer-specific. Changes in any of these categories after the H-1B has been approved often necessitates a new H-1B petition.

New H-1B's cost $960 and H-1B extensions cost $460.

The approval can be granted for a maximum of three years and can be extended for another three years. House Officers are generally only approved for H-1B status in one-year increments because Temporary Education Permits (TEP) are only valid for one year.

The procedure for extending H-1B status is identical to new H-1B status, subsequent H-1B status, and an amended H-1B status due to a change in employment.

The hiring unit will need to complete a form to show salary information on current employees within the unit who have similar job titles or job descriptions. The Office of Global Engagement will provide a form for this purpose.

The hiring unit must agree to pay return airfare for the applicant and any H-4 dependents to the applicant's home country if the department terminates the employment before the H-1B approval expires. This stipulation is not required in the case of voluntary termination.

The entire application process for H-1B sponsorship currently takes nine months. This can be changed to five weeks if Premium Processing is used ($2,500 additional). If a prospective employee already has H-1B status, he/she may begin employment at UNMC as soon as the H-1B petition is received by US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS).

Hiring departments are charged a preparation fee for each H-1B petition. The fee for a new H-1B is $850 for UNO departments. These charges are to be paid by the hiring department, not the employee. The Premium Processing fee of $2,500 is optional and may be paid by the hiring department or the employee.

Other government agencies involved with the process are the Nebraska Department of Labor and the US Department of Labor.

Completion of the Department Request for H-1B Petition begins the H-1B application process. Fill out the H-1B Sponsorship form.

How to Determine the OES/SOC Occupation Code (PDF).  This code is required when completing a Department Request for H-1B Sponsorship.

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