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Threat of Nipah virus in winter

Bangladesh Post

At least 240 people have died of the Nipah virus across the country in the last 23 years during the winter season, according to media report. At least 339 cases of Nipah virus infection were identified in the country during the period.

The deadly virus may spread to different districts of the country as winter has already set in. According to the Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research (IEDCR), over 70 percent of infected people die.

Nipah virus spreads through the saliva or urine of bats in our country. People who drink raw date juice and fruits partially eaten by birds, especially bats, can be infected with the virus.

Apart from these, if people come in contact with the infected ones, they have also the possibility of being infected with the deadly virus. As this virus spreads from individual to individual quickly, it may take a serious turn if people do not refrain from drinking raw date juice alongside avoid the infected ones.

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