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Simulation In Motion – Nebraska seeks to enhance the quality and accessibility of emergency medical education to rural/frontier areas by delivering high-quality, technologically advanced simulation training to the Emergency Medical Care Providers in Critical Access Hospitals and ambulance services across the entire state. Our Vision – Experiential education resulting in all Nebraskans having high-quality pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency care.


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Outdoor disaster training with UNMC Emergency Medicine doctors and local EMS

Disaster Training

Simulation, technology help prepare Nebraska Med students for disaster

A tornado blows through a rural area, multiple injuries dot the landscape, and people are trapped underneath cars and tree trunks. This is only a drill, but it’s made to be as real as possible for resident students and nurses in the emergency medical field at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

SIM-NE evolves, celebrates statewide training milestone

Rural Outreach

SIM-NE evolves, celebrates statewide training milestone

Building upon the successes of Simulation in Motion-Nebraska, as well as lessons learned during the pandemic, UNMC’s SIM-NE program is evolving into a hybrid training model that blends mobile on-site training with live virtual outreach events.

Interview with SIM-NE

Rural Outreach

SIM-NE comes to Mary Lanning Healthcare

Additional EMT training rolled into Mary Lanning Healthcare, as Simulation in Motion-Nebraska made its way to Hastings to teach emergency professionals different ways to handle a situation. The SIM-NE trucks have the ability to simulate multiple scenarios and they reach more than 90% of the state. They also average two classes a week, and health officials say spreading this knowledge helps everyone.

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For inquiries or to learn more about SIM-NE, contact assistant vice chancellor for clinical simulation, iEXCEL, Benjamin Stobbe, at 402-559-8410 or email below.

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Benjamin Stobbe

Contact Us

For inquiries or to learn more about SIM-NE, contact director, simulation operations, Jenni Bouckhuyt, at 402-552-2083 or email below.

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Jenni Bouckhuyt