University of Nebraska Medical Center

Rae Witt, MD

Associate Program Director

Dr. Rae Witt

Dr. Rae Witt is an associate program director for the Department of Internal Medicine's residency program and assistant professor in the division of general internal medicine.

Dr. Witt is originally from Omaha but received her BA in theology and subsequent medical degree from Saint Louis University. She moved back to Omaha for residency at UNMC and loved the program and people so much that she stayed on as chief resident from 2016-2017. 

Dr. Rae Witt enjoying time off with her husband.
She currently works as a "hybrid" general internist, alternating months between primary care and hospitalist duties. She enjoys teaching, preventive medicine, and specifically loves working with medical students and residents on individualizing their career paths. When not at the hospital, Dr. Witt loves running, country dancing, finding good happy hour deals, attempting to golf, and spending time with her family.  She and her husband Matt have three children.