Patient Care

A full spectrum of clinical excellence.

At UNMC's state-of-the-art clinics, medical professionals bring their knowledge and expertise to numerous clinics benefitting patients and community members.
UNMC's clinics include: 

The Center for Successful Aging is a clinical and educational facility opening in 2010 that will reach out to an ever-growing senior population. This specialized venue represents a new model in geriatric care for seniors. "Geriatrics is a team sport," says director Dr. Jane Potter. "When all the team members are involved, geriatric care can be one of the most satisfying of all the specialty areas of health care. Our vision for the center is as an interdisciplinary site for education, research and clinical care." 

The Nebraska Medical Center's Diabetes and Endocrinology Center provides comprehensive specialized care, education and research for a disease touching more and more lives every year.

Midtown Clinic, a resident-led urban clinic established in 1996, provides care to an underserved area of the city. The clinic receives attention from academic leadership groups throughout the nation because it is a model teaching facility as well as being a successful clinic for the community. 

Mid Town Clinic is incorporating fundamentals of the Patient Centered Medical Home. Efforts to improve patient care through a variety of means are continually devised and implemented. These efforts are focused on post-hospitalization follow up, medication compliance and reconciliation, enhanced access to care, and improved outcomes in chronic disease management, especially diabetes. This initiative is driven by a team of providers including Internal Medicine residents and faculty, nurses, pharmacists, techs, social workers, and support staff.

The HIV/HCV co-infection clinic, the only facility of its kind in the region, provides comprehensive care of the HIV-infected patient at all stages of the disease. The clinic is staffed by gastroenterology and infectious disease physicians and other support personnel.