Outreach at Munroe-Meyer

A pillar of the UNMC mission.

The first line of the Federal Developmental Disabilities Act states that

“Disability is a natural part of the human experience.”

Federal law also places a priority on the community as the place all should have the opportunity to live and thrive, including people with disabilities and special health care needs. However, regardless of issues like specific diagnoses, living circumstances and family status, every individual with disabilities is unique.

The MMI Department of Community Engagement works to create synergies between our providers and outside agencies and stakeholders to build ongoing, permanent relationships with the Munroe-Meyer Institute. These serve to exchange knowledge and resources as well as to build trust, and work with partners toward a shared vision to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and complex health care needs.

In order to successfully benefit from community life, people with disabilities typically need supports and services that are highly individualized to their specific needs. Health care providers, social workers and parent resource coordinators at the Munroe-Meyer Institute can connect people and families with resources and supports to meet these needs. There are many programs and services available to support those with disabilities to learn skills for self-determination, job training or meaningful employment and independent living with individualized supports.

Explore outreach activities for families, community partners and interested individuals.

Melonie Welsh, MS

Melonie S. Welsh, MS  |  bio
Robert F. and Myrna L. Krohn Associate Professor
Director, Department of Community Engagement at MMI