Graduate Research


1. Comprehensive Genetic Studies In Pediatric Myelodysplastic Syndromes. Grove, J.E., MS, PhD, Stevens, J.M., BA, BS, CG,MB(ASCP)CM, Griess, E., BS, CG(ASCP)CM, Pickering, D.L., MS, CG(ASCP)CM, Sanmann, J.N., PhD, FACMG, Hagelstrom, R.T., PhD, FACMG, Dave, B.J., PhD, FACMG

Occupational Therapy  

1. Measuring Functional Improvements in Bimanual Coordination Following Participation in a 10 Day Hand-Arm Bimanual Intensive Therapy (HABIT) Summer Day Camp Experience. Caroline Zach Gibilisco, MOT, OTR/L; Janice Flegle, MA, OTR/L, BCP; Monica Pleiss, OTD, OTR/L , Swati M. Surkar, PhD, PT

Physical Therapy  

1. Children with cerebral palsy have altered oscillatory activity in the motor and visual cortices during a knee motor task. Gehringer JE, Kurz MJ, Proskovec AL, Heinrichs-Graham E, Wilson TW.

2. Altered sensorimotor cortical oscillations in individuals with multiple sclerosis suggests a faulty internal model. Arpin DJ, Gehringer JE, Heinrichs-Graham E, Zabad RK, Wilson TW, Kurz MJ.

3. The functional role of post-movement beta oscillations in movement termination. Heinrichs-Graham E, Kurz MJ, Gehringer JE, Wilson TW.

4. Errors in the ankle plantarflexor force production are related to the gait deficits of individuals with multiple sclerosis. Davies BL, Hoffman RM, Healey K, Zabad R, Kurz MJ.

5. Oscillatory dynamics and functional connectivity during gating of primary somatosensory responses. Wiesman AI, Heinrichs-Graham E, Coolidge NM, Gehringer JE, Kurz MJ, Wilson TW.

6. Hand arm bimanual intensive therapy (HABIT) improves frontal cortex activation during motor actions of children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Surkar S, Hoffman R, Willett S, Flegle J, Harbourne R, Kurz MJ.

7. Neural activation within the frontal cortices during the motor actions of children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy. Surkar S, Hoffman R, Harbourne R, Kurz MJ.


1. The Impact of Legal Intervention on Health and Quality of Life: A Pilot Study Measuring Participants in a Medical-Legal Partnership. Adam Guck, M.A., Alena Skrundevskiy, MBA, Kelly-Shaw-Sutherland, MPA, & Ann Mangiameli, JD

2. Promoting Independent Sleep Onset at Bedtime: Examination of the Excuse Me Drill. Zachary C. LaBrot, MA, PLMHP; Brett R. Kuhn, PhD, C.BSM; Tyler E. Smith, MA, PLMHP

3. Crying as an Indicator to Inform Graduated Exposure Therapy: A Case Study. Zachary C. LaBrot, MA, PLMHP; Brett Kuhn, PhD, C.BSM

4. Accessing Pediatric services earlier with integrated care. Valleley, R., PhD; Henbree, K. PhD; Rasplica, C., PhD; Foster, T., PhD; Llorens, A., PhD; Burt, J., PhD, LP; Grennan, A., PhD; Menousek,, K., PhD, LP, BCBA-D; Sjuts, T., PhD; Reeve, C., PhD, LP; Leja, A., BA; Evans, J., PhD, LP

5. Behavioral Skills Training for a Parent Group to Promote Accuracy of Effective Instruction Delivery. Roderick O’Handley, PhD, PLP, LMHP; Kayzandra Bond, PhD, PLP, LMHP; Megan Neemann, PhD, LP; Courtney Smith, MA, PLMHP; Andrea Zawoyski, MA, BCBA, PLMHP; & Cody McCormick, MA, BCBA

6. Sedation strategy and cognitive outcome after critical illness in early childhood: RESTORE-cognition. Justin A. Moore, M.A., William Warzak, PhD, BCBA-D, Martha A.Q. Curley, RN, PhD, FAAN, R. Scott Watson, MD, MPH

7. Incremental Validity of the Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory in the Assessment of Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder. Debbie Gomez, MA; Amanda Stary, PhD; Jenna Strawhun, PhD; Josh Turek, PhD; Kathryn Menousek, PhD; Jennifer Burt, PhD; Alison Grennan, PhD

8. Retrospective review of maternal depression rates at 6 months corrected age in a NICU follow-up clinic. Aleisha Nabower, MD; Anne Pralle, MD; Kerry Miller, MA; Holly Roberts, PhD; Benjamin Kennert, MA; Ann Anderson-Berry, MD, PhD; Howard Needelmann, MD

9. Physician recommendations and management of childhood discipline: A Survey. Ryan Ford, MA; Rachel Valleley, PhD; William Warzak, PhD, BCBA-D

Public Health  

1. Lifetime Economic Impact of a School-Based Obesity Intervention. Alena Skrundevskiy, MBA, Robert Rauner, MD, MPH, David Dzewaltowski, PhD, Hongmei Wang, PhD

2. Transportation to treatment facility according to behavior observed by non-CIT officers versus CIT officers. Gonzales, R., BS; Adejoh, C., DVM; Hansen, T., MPH; Rieke, K. PhD; Watanabe-Galloway, S., PhD