Vision Clinic

stock photo of young child with a disability outdoors, looking up at the camera, smiling, with one hand on the frame of their blue framed glasses; credit: Adobe Stock

Vision Clinic

A Caring for Champions program

The Vision Clinic at Munroe-Meyer Institute is committed to inclusive care and support to individuals with disabilities and complex medical needs of all ages through state of the art care, diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders and vision.

When visual or ocular problems are left undetected or untreated, personal well-being, learning capability and cognitive development all will be adversely affected. Eye exams for individuals with IDD are critical, as they may diagnose problems that can be treated to improve the individual’s quality of life.

Individuals with IDD have the same vision problems as neurotypical children but with higher incidences.  A hidden vision problem may affect behavior, interfere with ability to read and learn, and reduce ability to perform routine tasks.

The Vision Clinic team will work with families to provide a comprehensive assessment of individuals with IDD in an environment created to respect and adapt to the specific needs of their loved one.  If the eye doctor determines a visual impairment or deficit in visual skills, appropriate spectacles, contact lenses, therapy or referrals will be coordinated.

Spectacles and Contact Lenses

There now is a larger range of vision correction options for eyeglasses for individuals with IDD, with glasses or contact lenses designed specifically with them in mind. For example, children with Down syndrome have a unique-shaped face and nose, which can make it difficult to find the right optical frames. However, with custom-fit eyeglasses, the bridge can be adjusted and the temples modified to keep the glasses from constantly slipping down. Frame designs also include lightweight plastics and flexible materials.

There also are multiple options for optical lenses and bifocal or multifocal designs that provide optimum vision and comfort.  The eye doctor will make appropriate recommendations. Families are free to take their eyeglass prescriptions elsewhere, or they can visit MMI’s optical shop adjacent to the vision clinic.