University of Nebraska Medical Center

Small Animal MRI Core

Core Director

Associate Professor and Interim Bioimaging Core Lab Director, Radiology Research Division


Yutong Liu

Dr. Liu is an Associate Professor at the Department of Radiology at UNMC. Dr. Liu has a broad background in biomedical imaging with an expertise in MRI. His research focuses on the development of imaging and image analysis methods to study human diseases modeled using small animals and non-human primates. He will provide oversight over the 7T MRI instrument as well as train new users and advise on experimental design.

Core Equipment

7 Tesla Bruker MRI Systems
The Small Animal MRI Core facility has two 7 Tesla Bruker MRI systems providing imaging based small animal research. We provide consultations to investigators on experimental planning and protocol design, and assistance in data analysis and interpretation. Advanced MRI techniques include diffusion tensor imaging, chemical exchangesaturation transfer, dynamic contrast enhancement imaging, perfusion MRI and more.