University of Nebraska Medical Center

Precision Neuroimaging

White matter tractography of a subject’s brain from the Connectivity After Tumor Resection trial

Programmer and data analyst David Ellis, MS, works closely with Michele Aizenberg, MD, exploring how medical imaging can improve patient care for individuals with brain tumors.

Current Projects

Safer Surgeries with AI for Enhanced Brain Mapping
Our research involves using AI to create individualized brain maps of critical motor and speech control regions. We aim to enable surgeons to provide safer surgeries with better outcomes by using AI to enhance patient-specific localization of critical brain regions.
Imaging Biomarkers for Understanding the Brains of Tumor Patients
We utilize imaging biomarkers to better understand how brain tumors and their treatment affect patients’ cognitive outcomes. By leveraging advanced structural and functional connectivity imaging in addition to cognitive evaluation, we can better understand how changes in brain connectivity could produce changes in cognitive abilities.
Guiding AI in Medical Imaging
In partnership with the Center for Intelligent Healthcare, we advise and assist researchers at UNMC aiming to use AI to tackle difficult medical imaging tasks.
Empowering Neuroimaging Analysis on Campus:
Partnering with the Cognitive Neuroscience of Development & Aging (CoNDA) Center, I help implement software and computing infrastructure that allows neuroscience researchers to incorporate complex neuroimaging analysis into their research studies.