University of Nebraska Medical Center

Quantitative Functional Electrophysiology

Gliske Team

Dr. Gliske's research team uses the most advanced data science tools to localize functional and pathological areas within the brain and analyze how sleep impacts electrical biomarkers of function and disease. 

Major projects include identifying tissue and networks associated with seizures and eloquent cortex, sleep in neonates, and understanding the relationship between sleep and DBS in patients with Parkinson's Disease.  Our main modalities are MEG and EEG (both invasive and non-invasive). 

Our group models a team science approach integrating data science, math, physics, engineering, neuroscience, neuroanatomy and physiology, and functional neurosurgery.  

Feature Article

Feature Article

Latest feature article from Dr. Stephen Gliske regarding Epilepsy Biomarkers. Published in Epilepsy Currents Journal, 2023. Vol 23(3) 175-178