Rajini Reddy Mudhasani, PhD

Department Affiliations
Assistant Professor


Education and Training
2015-present Senior Scientist II, USAMRIID (contracting through Henry M Jackson Foundation in support of BHSAI), Frederick, MD Molecular and Translational Sciences Division
2009-2015 Research Faculty, USAMRIID (contracting through ORISE), Frederick, MD Molecular and Translational Sciences Division
2007-2009 Faculty,  Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA, Dept. of Cell and Cancer Biology
2004-2007 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Univ. of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA,  Dept. of Cell Biology
1999-2004 Doctoral Research Project, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH Projects
1997-1999 Senior Research Fellow, Osmania University, Telangana, India, Dept. of Microbiology
Teaching Activities
2001–2004 Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH Research mentor for the following undergraduates,
2001-2004Neeta Parimi
2001-2003 Received the “The Doretta Thielker Award for outstanding Biology senior”, in 2003 for her overall GPA and research contributions. (1 award annually per undergraduate Biology majors).
2004 Yadira Narvez, went on to work as Research Technician at Cleveland Clinic Foundation
1999–2003 Teaching Assistant, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH - Human Anatomy and Physiology, Introductory Biology
1997–1999  Teaching Assistant   , Osmania University, Telangana, India - Immunology, Molecular Biology
Honors and Awards
2007 Scholarship for Keystone Symposium, February  2007, Keystone, Colorado.
2001-2002 Molecular Medicine Fellowship from Cleveland Clinic Foundation for a period two years
2002  Best poster award, Cleveland State University, OH.
1996-1998 Senior Research Fellowship
1994-1996 Meritorious Student Fellowship, Department of BiotechnologyM.Sc in Biotechnology for two years

Mudhasani R, Tran JP, Retterer C, Kota KP, Whitehouse CA, Bavari S. Protein Kinase R Degradation Is Essential for Rift Valley Fever Virus Infection and Is Regulated by SKP1-CUL1-F-box (SCF)FBXW11-NSs E3 Ligase. PLoS Pathog. 2016 Feb 2;12(2). PMID: 26837067; PMCID: PMC4737497.

Mudhasani R*, Kota KP*, Retterer C, Tran JP, Tritsch SR, Zamani R, Whitehouse CA, Bavari S. High-content image-based screening of a signal transduction pathway inhibitor small-molecule library against highly pathogenic RNA viruses. * Equal contribution. J Biomol Screen. 2015, in the Special Edition of Infectious Diseases. Jan; 20(1):141-52. PMID: 25342145

Patursky-Polischuk I, Kasir J, Miloslavski R, Hayouka Z, Hausner-Hanochi M, Stolovich-Rain M, Tsukerman P, Biton M, Mudhasani R, Jones SN, Meyuhas O. Reassessment of the role of TSC, mTORC1 and microRNAs in amino acid-meditated translational control of TOP mRNAs. PLoS One. 2014 Oct 22;9(10). PMID: 25338081; PMCID: PMC4206288

Mudhasani R, Kota KP, Retterer C, Tran JP, Whitehouse CA, Bavari S. High content image-based screening of a protease inhibitor library reveals compounds broadly active against Rift Valley fever virus and other highly pathogenic RNA viruses. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2014 Aug 21;8(8). PMID: 25144302; PMCID: PMC4140764

Miloslavski R, Cohen E, Avraham A, Iluz Y, Hayouka Z, Kasir J, Mudhasani R, Jones SN, Cybulski N, Rüegg MA, Larsson O, Gandin V, Rajakumar A, Topisirovic I,  Meyuhas O. Oxygen sufficiency controls TOP mRNA translation via the TSC-Rheb-mTOR pathway in a 4E-BP-independent manner. J Mol Cell Biol. 2014 Jun;6(3):255-66. PMID: 24627160; PMCID: PMC4034726

Mudhasani R, Tran JP, Retterer C, Radoshitzky SR, Kota KP, Altamura LA, Smith JM, Packard BZ, Kuhn JH, Costantino J, Garrison AR, Schmaljohn CS, Huang IC, Farzan M, Bavari S. IFITM-2 and IFITM-3 but not IFITM-1 restrict Rift Valley fever virus. J Virol. 2013 Aug;87(15):8451-64. PMID: 23720721; PMCID: PMC3719792.

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