Scientists striving to identify diseases and create new cures.

Our division emphasizes three primary research topics including cancer biologyimmunology and microbiology with considerable overlap between the 23 cutting-edge laboratories that work on both translational and basic science topics. The research interests and activities of our primary research faculty are extensive, with multiple interactions and collaborations on the UNMC campus with faculty from the Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases and the College of Public Health. Our research also extends around the world with the Lymphoma Study Group and our bone and soft tissue program. Many of our pathologists energetically pursue research activities generated from their clinical case material with direct relevance to patient treatment. We are leaders in applying basic science discoveries to identify diagnostic tools that will improve overall health outcomes for our patients and our department ranks highly in peer-reviewed research funding.

Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Training

The reputation of our research programs allows us to attract and teach the best trainees and students, including our current 50 graduate students and 12 postdoctoral associates.  Learn more about our Immunology, Pathology & Infectious Disease (IPID) Graduate Program

Resources & Core Facilities

Our research laboratories and core facilities are located throughout campus. Our faculty are founding members of two prestigious research centers on campus, as well as leaders of several state-of-the-art core shared facilities. We provide research support through the UNMC proteomics laboratory with development of new proteomic applications and software to address biological challenges in research. Our comprehensive approach to research support includes Bioinformatics for the management and analysis of scientific data. Drawing on our expertise in morphologic techniques, we also provide state of the art services in the Tissue Science Facility for researchers throughout the upper Midwest. We encourage you to view the different laboratories, centers, and core facilities to discover for yourself the many opportunities we are creating at UNMC.