Translating New Discoveries to Clinical Practice

Our programs and initiatives in the Department of Pathology and Microbiology are aligned with our mission to lead clinical services at the interface between basic science and medical practice. We are creating the links from new discoveries in the laboratory to the rapid translation for clinical practice in order to improve patient care and outcomes. In collaboration with our clinical partner, our faculty have developed a wide range of specialized services as well as diagnostic tests, commonly referred to as Laboratory Developed Tests (LST). LSTs address special needs that are either rare or occur uncommonly in medical practice and may employ new antibodies or molecular techniques such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Specialized services may employ very expensive equipment not available in most hospitals such as electron microscopes or mass spectrometers. These assays are offered to physicians and health care providers through our outreach program, Regional Pathology Services (RPS), so that all patients have access to state of the art medicine. Our philosophy is to support front line physicians throughout Nebraska and the region.

Several new initiatives by our department will impact the future of medical care including telepathology and informatics. Medicine must provide service at the speed of business, not only because it is expected, but because it leads to better patient care. Therefore, our laboratory experts have developed new approaches to provide electronic interfaces with information systems and laboratories throughout the region. The transition from paper to electronic medical records is expected to reduce costs and provide more timely access information by our patients. Please contact us if we can provide more information on any of these topics.