Anatomic Pathology

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Anatomic Pathology (AP) is under the direction of Audrey Lazenby, MD (standing in photo above), and consists of twenty pathologists in the sections of surgical, autopsy, renal, liver and transplant pathology, cytopathology, hematopathology, neuropathology and dermatopathology. Our board certified pathologists are experts in their specialized field; moreover, cross-coverage amongst our faculty provides comprehensive service for our consulting physicians and more important, uninterrupted continuity care for our patients.

Each year, the AP division is responsible for the diagnosis of over 40,000 surgical and consult specimens; 25,000 cytopathology specimens and 140 autopsies. In addition to providing service at Nebraska Medicine, the division provides pathology coverage to the Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital, Nebraska Medicine Bellevue and multiple other clients through the Regional Pathology Services.

Pathologic diagnoses are supported by expertise in immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, electron microscopy, flow cytometry and molecular diagnostic tests. Clinical care activity also includes the staffing multidisciplinary tumor boards and other clinicopathologic conferences. Teaching is a major focus as faculty are actively involved in teaching of medical students; residents and fellows both within and outside the department; and allied health students. Active research efforts span studies in basic science, translational research, diagnosis and classification of clinicopathologic disorders and quality control.

By AP Faculty

By AP Speciality

Jeffrey (John) Cannatella, MD

Sahara Cathcart, MD
neuropathology, molecular pathology

Jie Chen, MD, PhD

Samuel Cohen, MD, PhD
urologic pathology, surgical pathology, chemical carcinogenesis, toxicology, risk assessment

Dominick DiMaio, MD
dermatopathology, surgical pathology, autopsy pathology

Mary Edgerton, MD, PhD
breast pathology 

Kurt Fisher, MD, PhD
GI tract, liver, and solid organ transplant pathology

Kirk Foster, MD
nephropathology, digital pathology, autopsy pathology

Timothy Greiner, MD
hematopathology, lymphoma pathology, molecular pathology, hplc mutation analysis, autopsy pathology

Neha Gupta, MBBS

Safina Hafeez, MD

Joseph Khoury, MD

Scott R. Lauer, MD
dermatopathology, soft tissue pathology

Audrey Lazenby, MD
gastrointestinal pathology, surgical pathology, autopsy pathology

Subodh Lele, MD
gynecologic and genitourinary pathology, surgical pathology, cytopathology, infectious disease pathology, autopsy pathology

Rodney Markin, MD, PhD
hepatic pathology

Stanley Radio, MD
cardiovascular pathology, cytopathology, transplantation pathology, liver pathology, autopsy pathology

Benjamin Swanson, MD, PhD
head and neck pathology, thyroid diseases, gastrointestinal cancers, gastrointestinal diseases

Geoffrey Talmon, MD
surgical pathology, nephropathology, liver pathology, transplantation pathology, autopsy pathology

David Wagner, MD
surgical pathology, breast pathology, ENT, GYN, lung pathology and genitourinary pathology 

Ana Yuil-Valdes, MD
cytopathology and fine needle aspiration


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