Our clinicians and researchers are recognized leaders both at the national and international level.

Maher Y. Abdalla, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: free radical biology

Catalina Amador, M.D. 
Assistant Professor; Expertise: hematopathology

Lora L. Arnold, M.S., M.T. (ASCP) 
Assistant Professor; Expertise: chemical carcinogenesis

John J. Baker, M.D. 
Associate Professor; Expertise: cytopathology

Kenneth W. Bayles, Ph.D.
Professor; Expertise: bacterial pathogenesis

Robert J. Boissy, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: genomics, bioinfo

Julia A. Bridge, M.D.
Professor; Expertise: cytopathology

W. Scott Campbell, MBA, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: health informatics

Steven D. Carson, Ph.D.
Professor; Expertise: blood coagulation, coxsackievirus

Sujata Chaudhari, Ph.D.
Instructor; Expertise: staphylococcal physiology, metabolism and stress response

Vinai Chittezham Thomas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: bacterial pathogenesis

Samuel M. Cohen, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor; Expertise: urology and chemical carcinogenesis

Leah Cook, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: bone metastasis, tumor immunology and innate immunology

Allison Cushman-Vokoun, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor; Expertise: molecular genetic pathology

Dominick J. DiMaio, M.D.
Associate Professor; Expertise: dermatopathology

Paul D. Fey, Ph.D.
Professor; Expertise: bacterial pathogenesis

Kurt W. Fisher, M.D., Ph.D.
Instructor; Expertise: GI tract, liver, and solid organ transplant pathology

Kirk W. Foster, M.D.
Associate Professor; Expertise: renal pathology

Kai Fu, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor; Expertise: hematopathology

Catherine Gebhart, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: molecular diagnostics

Timothy C. Greiner, M.D.
Professor; Expertise: molecular lymphoma pathology

Steven H. Hinrichs, M.D.
Professor and Chair; Expertise: molecular pathology

Javeed Iqbal, Ph.D.
Associate Professor; Expertise: lymphoma biology

Peter C. Iwen, Ph.D.
Professor; Expertise: clinical microbiology

Tammy L. Kielian, Ph.D.
Professor; Expertise: immunology, infectious diseases

Scott Koepsell, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor; Expertise: transfusion medicine

Marilynn A. Larson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: molecular microbiology

Scott R. Lauer, M.D.
Associate Professor; Expertise: dermatopathology, soft tissue pathology

Audrey J. Lazenby, M.D.
Professor; Expertise: surgical pathology

Subodh M. Lele, M.D. 
Professor, Expertise: surgical, GU & GYN pathology

James Linder, M.D.
Professor, Expertise: digital pathology and computer imaging, hematology, cytopathology, technology development, and computer-aided instruction

Rodney S. Markin, M.D., Ph.D. 
Professor, Expertise: hepatic pathology, informatics

Rodney D. McComb, M.D.
Professor; Expertise: neuropathology

Thomas L. McDonald, Ph.D.
Professor; Expertise: immunology

Rajini Reddy Mudhasani, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: immunovirology 

Caitlin Murphy, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: clinical microbiology

Prabagaran (Praba) Narayanasamy, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: antibiotic discovery and delivery

Scot Ouellette, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: chlamydial microbiology

Hina Naushad Qureishi, M.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: hematopathology

Caroline Ng, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: malaria drug resistance

Samuel J. Pirruccello, M.D.
Professor; Expertise: immunopathology and clinical chemistry

Michael Punsoni, M.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: neuropathology

Stanley J. Radio, M.D.
Professor; Expertise: cytopathology and cardiovascular pathology

St. Patrick Reid, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: ebola, zika and chikungunya

Elizabeth A. Rucks, Ph.D.
Associate Professor; Expertise: host trafficking to the chlamydial inclusion, growth and development of chlamydia

Marat Sadykov, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: bacterial pathogenesis

Anthony Sambol, M.A., SM (NRCM), RBP (ABSA)
Assistant Professor; Expertise: NPHL, biosecurity and pathogens

Mariano Sanchez-Lockhart, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: immune response to pathogen infection

Sara Shunkwiler, M.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: red blood cell exchange and apheresis in pregnancy

Rakesh K. Singh, Ph.D.
Professor; Expertise: tumor immunology

Alina G. Sofronescu, Ph.D., M.Sc.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: clinical chemistry

Kaihong Su, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor; Expertise: autoimmunity

Janos Sumegi, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor: Expertise: gene expression analysis

Keer Sun, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: immunology

Benjamin J. Swanson, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: gastro intestinal, pancreatobiliary hepatc, transplant, ENT and pulminary

James E. Talmadge, Ph.D.
Professor; Expertise: tumor biology and immunotherapy

Geoffrey A. Talmon, M.D.
Associate Professor; Expertise: surgical pathology and transplant

Yun-An Tseng, D.O.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: breast

Guangshun (Gus) Wang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor; Expertise: structural biology and bioinfo

Phyllis I. Warkentin, M.D.
Professor; Expertise: transfusion medicine

Haitao Wen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: innate immunity

James L. Wisecarver, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor; Expertise: transplantation immunology

Yangsheng Yu, Ph.D.
Instructor; Expertise: immunology, autoimmune diseases and autoantibodies

Ji (Jane) Yuan, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise:hematopathology

Ana Yuil-Valdes, M.D.
Instructor; Expertise: cytopathology and fine needle aspiration

Weiwei Zhang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor; Expertise: bioinformatics

Department of Pathology & Microbiology Faculty
(Row 1) Dr. Catherine Gebhart, Dr. Oluwatoyin Asojo, Dr. Julia Bridge, Dr. Dali Huang, Lora Arnold, Dr. Samuel Cohen, Dr. Phyllis Warkentin
(Row 2) Dr. Marilynn Larson, Dr. James Booth, Dr. Tammy Kielian, Dr. Nora Chapman, Dr. Kaihong Su, Dr. Zhixin (Jason) Zhang
(Row 3) Dr. Javeed Iqbal, Dr. Subodh Lele, Dr. Audrey Lazenby, Dr. Guangshun (Gus) Wang, Dr. James Landmark, Dr. Kai Fu
(Row 4) Dr. Yulei Shen, Dr. Sonny Johansson, Dr. William West, Dr. Patricia Aoun, Dr. Thomas Jerrells, Dr. Peter Iwen
(Row 5) Dr. Shi-Jian Ding, Dr. Dominick DiMaio, Dr. James Talmadge, Dr. Allison Cushman-Vokoun, Dr. Timothy Greiner
(Row 6) Dr. Charles Kuszynski, Dr. Paul Fey, Dr. John Baker, Sue Holmes, Dr. Stanley Radio
(Row 7) Dr. Syed Jaffar Kazmi, Dr. Steven Hinrichs, Steven Kuss, Dr. Donald Johnson, Dr. Kenneth Bayles
(Row 8) Dr. Rakesh Singh, Dr. Rodney McComb, Dr. Steven Carson, Dr. James Wisecarver, Dr. Wing-Chun (John) Chan
(Row 9) Dr. Thomas McDonald, Dr. Rodney Markin, Anthony Sambol, Dr. James Linder, Dr. Geoffrey Talmon, Dr. Dennis Weisenburger, Dr. Samuel Pirruccello, Dr. Kirk Foster
Not pictured - Dr. Steven Tracy