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Nebraska Medicine Clinical Laboratories provide an extensive menu of laboratory testing to support the clinical mission at our health center. As shown in the left handed links of this page, the laboratories are divided into sections according to discipline. Each section has a manager and a medical director with expertise in that particular discipline. Users are encouraged to contact the manager and medical director of the individual sections with questions concerning test utilization, ordering information or results interpretation. Scott Koepsell, MD, PhD, is the medical director of the laboratories and Jodi Garrett, MT (ASCP) SM is the administrative director. For a full catalog of clinical lab tests that we provide, please visit this page. Requests for general information or comments concerning our laboratory services should be directed to Dr. Koepsell.

By Clinical Pathology Faculty

By Clinical Pathology Specialty

Aleh (Oleg) Bobr, MD, blood, transfusion, tissue service, biologics production facility, coagulation

W. Scott Campbell, MBA, PhD, informatics

Jesse L. Cox, MD, PhD, molecular diagnostics, molecular forensics, histocompatibility, transfusion

Allison Cushman-Vokoun, MD, PhD, molecular diagnostics

Paul Fey, PhD, microbiology & virology

Timothy Greiner, MD, molecular diagnostics

Peter Iwen, PhD, microbiology & virology

Scott Koepsell, MD, PhD, blood, transfusion, tissue service, biologics production facility, coagulation

Samuel Pirruccello, MD, flow cytometry, coagulation & chemistry

Benjamin Swanson, MD, PhD, lab management

Phyllis Warkentin, MD, biologics production facility

Shelly Williams, MD, aphersis, blood bank

Weiwei Zhang, PhD, informatics

Blood, Transfusion & Tissue Service

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Microbiology & Virology

Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular Forensics

Pathology Consultation

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