James Linder, MD

Department Affiliations

I have been a member of the UNMC faculty since 1983, having held numerous administrative positions in the Department of Pathology and Microbiology, College of Medicine Dean’s Office and UNMC Chancellor's Office. In 2014 I served as Interim President of the University of Nebraska, and now am Chief Strategist of the University System and President of the University Technology Development Corporation.  These roles allow me to assist faculty in commercializing their research, to the betterment of society and the Nebraska Economy. 

In August of 2018, Dr. Linder accepted the role as CEO of Nebraska Medicine by the Nebraska Medicine Board.      

Digital pathology and computer imaging, Hematology, Cytopathology, Technology Development, and computer-aided instruction.

Education and Training
BS Biochemistry and Microbiology, Iowa State University of Science and Technology, 1976
MD (with Distinction) University of Nebraska College of Medicine, 1980
Pathology Resident, Duke University Medical Center, July 1980 - Sept. 1982
Pathology Resident, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Oct. 1982 - Nov. 1983

Teaching Activities
General pathology

National Activities
Development Committee, United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology
"Israel Davidsohn Award for Distinguished Service"; American Society of Clinical Pathologists
"Distinguished Teaching Award" by the UNMC College of Medicine 
"Award for Excellence in Medical Publications" from the American Medical Writers Association.
Council, United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology 1998-2004.
President, American Society Clinical Pathology, 1998-1999
Editorial Boards: 
Modern Pathology (Assoc. Editor); Editorial Advisory Board for Atlas of Tumor Pathology 4th Series; American Journal of Clinical Pathology; Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
External Activities:
Chief Medical Officer, Roche Diagnostics Hematology, Boston, MA

Notable Publications
Linder, J Molecular diagnostic in cervical cancer screening. Acta Cytologica Supplement 2 51:275, 2007.

Linder, J, Derzko, A. Sneider, N. Increased detection of cervical abnormality with the ThinPrep Imaging System:  A comparative analysis of over one million Pap Tests.  Cancer Cytopathology Supplement 108, 2006.

C. Leng, J. Linder, K. Linder, L. Burg.  Aliquot removal from ThinPrep specimens: Effect on adequacy and cytological diagnosis. Cancer Cytopathology Supplement 105, 2005.

J. Meyer, K. Bisgaard, B. Andersen, O. Rasmussen, D. Hanlon, J. Linder, E. Cibas. Evaluation of the CINtec assay for detection of p16INK4a in ThinPrep specimens and correlation to biopsy follow-up results. Cancer Cytopathology Supplement 105, 2005.

Monsonego J,  Bosch FX, Coursaget  P, Cox JT, Linder J, et al.  Cervical cancer control, priorities and new directions. Int J Cancer. 2004 Jan 20;108(3):329-33.

Linder, J. Is it reality or an illusion that liquid-based cytology is better than conventional cervical smears? Cytopathology. 2002 Feb;13(1):66.

Linder, J.  The ThinPrep Pap Test: Spring 1998 Update.  Genital Infections & Neoplasia
1:16-18, 1998.

Linder, J.  Recent advances in thin-layer cytology.  Diagnostic Cytopathology 18:24-32, 1998.

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