Marat R. Sadykov, PhD

Department Affiliations
Assistant Professor

Bacterial genetics, physiology and metabolism

Education and Training
MSc, Genetics, Kazan State University, Kazan, Russia, 1991
PhD, Molecular Biology, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, 1999

National Activities
Member, American Society for Microbiology
Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Member, Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Society

Recent Publications
King, A.N., Borkar, S., Samuels, D.J., Batz, Z., Bulock, L., Sadykov, M.R., Kenneth W. Bayles, K.W., and Brinsmade, S.R. Guanine limitation results in CodY-dependent and -independent alteration of Staphylococcus aureus physiology and gene expression. (2018) J. Bacteriol. 200(14)e00136-18.

Svechkarev, D., Sadykov, M.R., Bayles, K.W., and Mohs, A.M. Ratiometric Fluorescent Sensor Array as a Versatile Tool for Bacterial Pathogen Identification and Analysis. (2018) ACS Sens. 3(3): 700–708.

Mlynek, K.D., Sause, W.E., Moormeier, D.E., Sadykov M.R., Hill, K.R., Torres, V.J., Bayles, K.W., and Brinsmade, S.R. Nutritional regulation of the Sae two-component system by CodY in Staphylococcus aureus. (2018) J. Bacteriol. 200(8): e00012-18.

Sadykov, M.R., Ahn, J-S., Widhelm, T.J., Eckrich, V.M., Endres, J.L., Driks, A., Rutkowski, G.E., Wingerd, K.L., and Bayles, K.W. Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) fuels the tricarboxylic acid cycle and de novo lipid biosynthesis during Bacillus anthracis sporulation. (2017) Mol. Microbiol. 104: 793-803.

Halsey, C.R., Lei, S., Wax, J., Lehman, M.K., Nuxoll, A.S., Laurey Steinke, L., Sadykov, M., Powers, R., and Fey, P.D. Amino acid catabolism in Staphylococcus aureus and the function of carbon catabolite repression. (2017) mBio. 8(1): e01434-16.  

Sadykov, M.R. Restriction-Modification Systems as a Barrier for Genetic Manipulation of Staphylococcus aureus. (2016) Methods Mol. Biol. 1373:9-23.

Gries, C., Sadykov, M., Bulock, L., Chaudhari, S., Thomas, V., Bose, J., and Bayles, K. Potassium uptake modulates Staphylococcus aureus metabolism. (2016) mSphere. 1(3): e00125-16.

Chaudhari, S.S, Thomas, V.C., Sadykov, M.R., Bose, J.L., Ahn, D.J., Zimmerman, M.C., and Bayles, K.W. The LysR-type transcriptional regulator, CidR, regulates stationary phase cell death in Staphylococcus aureus. (2016) Mol. Microbiol. 101: 942-953.

Waters, N.R., Samuels, D.J., Behera, R.K., Livny, J., Rhee, K.Y., Sadykov, M.R., and Brinsmade, S.R. A Spectrum of CodY Activities Drives Metabolic Reorganization and Virulence Gene Expression in Staphylococcus aureus. (2016) Mol. Microbiol. 101: 495-514.

Marshall, D.D., Sadykov, M.R., Thomas, V.C., Bayles, K.W., and Powers, R.  A redox imbalance underlies the fitness defect associated with inactivation of the Pta-AckA pathway in Staphylococcus aureus. (2016) J. Proteome Res. 15: 1205-1212.

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