Joshua L. Santarpia, PhD

Department Affiliations
Associate Professor

Detection, measurement and characterization of bioaerosols, atmospheric chemistry of bioaerosols, microbial communities in ambient environment (aerosol, soil and water) and bacteriophage for therapeutic and industrial uses.

Education and Training
BS, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, NM, 1997
MS, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, 2001
PhD, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX,  2005

Notable Publications
Pan, Y.L., Kalume, A., Wang, C., & Santarpia J.L. (2018). Optoaerodynamic focusing of aerosol particles. Aerosol Science and Technology, 52(1), 13-18.

Pan, Y.L., Wang, C.J., Beresnev, L.A., Yufa, A.J., Videen, G., Ligon, D., & Santarpia J.L. (2017). Measurement of back-scattering patterns from single laser trapped aerosol particles in air. Applied Optics, 56(3), B1-B4.

Kalume, A., Zhu, E., Wang, C. J., Santarpia J., & Pan, Y.L. (2017). Position-resolved Raman spectra from a laser-trapped single airborne chemical droplet. Optics Letters, 42(24), 5113-5116.

Kalume, A., Beresnev, L.A., Santarpia J., & Pan, Y.L. (2017). Detection and characterization of chemical aerosol using laser-trapping single-particle Raman spectroscopy. Applied Optics, 56(23), 6577-

Fu, R., Wang, C.J., Munoz, O., Videen, G., Santarpia J.L., & Pan, Y.L. (2017). Elastic back-scattering patterns via particle surface roughness and orientation from single trapped airborne aerosol particles. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer, 187, 224-231.

Lai, C.W., Schwab, M., Hill, S.C., Santarpia J., & Pan, Y.L. (2016). Raman scattering and red fluorescence in the photochemical transformation of dry tryptophan particles. Optics Express, 24(11),

Ratnesar-Shumate, S., Pan, Y.L., Hill, S.C., Kinahan, S., Corson, E., Eshbaugh, J., & Santarpia J.L. (2015). Fluorescence spectra and biological activity of aerosolized bacillus spores and MS2 bacteriophage exposed to ozone at different relative humidities in a rotating drum. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer, 153, 13-28.

Hill, S.C., Williamson, C.C., Doughty, D.C., Pan, Y. L., Santarpia J.L., & Hill, H.H. (2015). Size-dependent fluorescence of bioaerosols: Mathematical model using fluorescing and absorbing molecules in
bacteria. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer, 157, 54-70.\\

Pan, Y.L., Wang, C.J., Hill, S.C., Coleman, M., Beresnev, L.A., & Santarpia J.L. (2014). Trapping of individual airborne absorbing particles using a counterflow nozzle and photophoretic trap for
continuous sampling and analysis. Applied Physics Letters, 104(11), 4.

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particles. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer.

Pan, Y.L., Hill, S.C., Santarpia J.L., Brinkley, K., Sickler, T., Coleman, M., . . . Gardner, W. (2014). Spectrally-resolved fluorescence cross sections of aerosolized biological live agents and simulants using five excitation wavelengths in a BSL-3 laboratory. Optics Express, 22(7), 8165-8189.

Hill, S.C., Doughty, D.C., Pan, Y.L., Williamson, C., Santarpia J.L., & Hill, H.H. (2014). Fluorescence of bioaerosols: mathematical model including primary fluorescing and absorbing molecules in bacteria:
errata. Optics Express, 22(19), 22817-22819.

Santarpia J.L., Ratnesar-Shumate, S., Gilberry, J.U., & Quizon, J.J. (2013). Relationship Between Biologically Fluorescent Aerosol and Local Meteorological Conditions. Aerosol Science and Technology,
47(6), 655-661.

Hill, S.C., Pan, Y.L., Williamson, C., Santarpia J.L., & Hill, H.H. (2013). Fluorescence of bioaerosols: mathematical model including primary fluorescing and absorbing molecules in bacteria. Optics Express, 21(19), 22285-22313.

Santarpia J.L., Pan, Y.L., Hill, S.C., Baker, N., Cottrell, B., McKee, L., . . . Pinnick, R.G. (2012). Changes in fluorescence spectra of bioaerosols exposed to ozone in a laboratory reaction chamber to
simulate atmospheric aging. Optics Express, 20(28), 29867-29881.

Santarpia J.L., Collins, D.R., Hegg, D.A., Kaku, K.C., Covert, D.S., Jonsson, H., & Buzorius, G. (2011). Estimates of aqueous-phase sulfate production from tandem differential mobility analysis. Atmospheric Environment, 45(31), 5484-5492.

Ratnesar-Shumate, S., Wagner, M. L., Kerechanin, C., House, G., Brinkley, K. M., Bare, C., . . . Santarpia J.L. (2011). Improved Method for the Evaluation of Real-Time Biological Aerosol Detection
Technologies. Aerosol Science and Technology, 45(5), 635-644.

Kaku, K.C., Hegg, D.A., Covert, D.S., Santarpia J.L., Jonsson, H., Buzorius, G., & Collins, D.R. (2006). Organics in the Northeastern Pacific and their impacts on aerosol hygroscopicity in the subsaturated and supersaturated regimes. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 6, 4101-4115.

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