David G. Wagner, MD

Department Affiliations
Associate Professor

breast pathology, ENT pathology, surgical pathology

Education and Training
MD, University of Buffalo SUNY School of Medicine, Buffalo, NY, 2005
Residency, Anatomic & Clinical Pathology, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY, 2009
Fellowship, Surgical Pathology Fellowship, University of Nebraska Medical Center, 2010 

Notable Publications
Kaur S, Momi N, Chakraborty S, Wagner DG, Horn AJ, et al. Altered Expression of Transmembrane Mucins, MUC1 and MUC4, in Bladder Cancer: Pathological Implications in Diagnosis. PLoS ONE. 2014 9(3):e92742.

Crockett D, Wagner D, Holmang S, Johansson S, Lynch H. Upper Urinary TractCarcinoma in Lynch Syndrome Cases. Journal of Urology. 2011 Mar 16. Epub ahead of print.
Wagner D, Gatalica Z, Lynch H, Kohl S, Johansson S, Lele S. “Neuroendocrine Type Prostatic Adenocarcinoma with Microsatellite Instability in a Patient with Lynch Syndrome.” International Journal of Surgical Pathology. 2010 Aug 25. Epub ahead of print.

Wagner D, Russell D, Benson J, Schneider A, Hoda R, Bonfiglio T. “Cellient™ Automated Cell Block versus Traditional Cell Block Preparation: A Comparison of Morphologic Features and Immunohistochemical Staining.” Diagnostic Cytopathology. 2010 Oct 14. Epub ahead of print.
Wagner D, Weisensel J, Mentrikoski M, Leo S, Bonfiglio T, Hoda R. “ThinPrep Pap Test of Endocervical Adenocarcinoma with Lymph Node Metastasis: Report of a Case in a 17-Year-Old Woman.” Diagnostic Cytopathology. 2010; 38(9): 633-638.
Wagner D, Bourne P, Yang Q, Goldman B, Lewis J, Xu H. “Unusual Features ofMalignant Pleural Mesothelioma Metastatic to the Mediastinal Lymph Nodes.” Applied Immunohistochemistry & Molecular Morphology. 2008; 16(3): 301-307.
Wagner D, Yao J, di Sant’Agnese T, Cheng L, Beltran A, Montironi R, Huang J. “Soft Tissue Tumors of the Prostate: A Review of the Literature.” Analytical and Quantitative Cytology and Histology. 2007; 29(6): 341-350.
Wagner D, Joseph J, Huang J, Xu H. “Malakoplakia of the Prostate on Needle Core Biopsy.” International Journal of Surgical Pathology. 2007; 15(1): 86-89.
Jehle D, Blatt A, Billittier A, Wagner D, Schleifer-Schneggenburger J. “Time Required to Notify 911 with Automated Collision Notification Systems.” Journal of Emergency Management. 2007; 5(5): 43-49.
Jehle D, Wagner D, Mayrose J, Hashmi U. “Seatbelt Use by Police: Why Don’t They Click It?” TheJournal of Trauma. 2005; 58(1): 119-120.Page 8 of 11 | Created 05-18-2021 08:26:41 | David Wagner
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