Named Professorships

Tammy Kielian, PhD, named Choudari Kommineni, D.V.M., PhD Professor of Pathology in 2014

Choudari Kommineni, D.V.M., PhD obtained his PhD from the University of Nebraska after completing his graduate studies in the Department of Pathology.  Dr. Kommineni went on to obtain a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree followed by a distinguished career in pharmaceutical sciences.  It was his specific wish that his legacy professorship would support an outstanding researcher seeking to develop new therapeutic measures for life-threatening diseases.  Shortly after establishing the fund, Dr. Kommineni passed away while in India, the country of his birth.  His daughter, Maya Kommineni, is also in the medical profession and she was consulted in the process facilitating the selection of the first Choudari Kommineni.  In keeping with Dr. Kommineni’s wishes, we identified Dr. Tammy Kielian as an outstanding match for the goals of the Kommineni chair.