University of Nebraska Medical Center

Goals and Objectives

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At the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, the neonatology fellowship training program’s goal is to prepare and train competent academic neonatologists capable of practicing high quality neonatology at all levels.  


At the completion of a three-year fellowship, fellows will: 

  • Understand the physiology of the neonate of the fetus and newborn.  
  • Assess, diagnose and manage problems of the neonate. 
  • Identify the high-risk pregnancy and familiars with methods to evaluate fetal well-being and maturation.  
  • Experience and practice neonatal critical care, including, but not be limited to: techniques of neonatal resuscitation, venous and arterial access, evacuation of air leaks, endotracheal intubation, preparation for transport, ventilator support, continuous monitoring, temperature control, and nutritional support.  
  • Apply their educational training skills to instruct others in neonatology.  
  • Develop and engage in scholarly projects by formulating hypotheses, explore, gather and analyze data. 
  • Become fully qualified for sub-board certification in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine for the American Board of Pediatrics.  

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