University of Nebraska Medical Center

Scholarly Activity

All fellows will develop and engage in projects formulating hypotheses, explore, gather and analysis of data. Areas of the scholarly activity include, but are not limited to: basic, clinical, or translational medicine, health services, quality improvement, bioethics, education and public policy. Fellows will gather and analyze date, derive conclusions and present their work. Presentation of the work may be in oral or written form.

Each fellow will have a scholarship oversight committee to determine and oversee the specific activity is appropriate per the ABP guidelines for scholarly activity. This committee will be assembled during the first year of fellowship and meet bi-annually throughout the three years of fellowship. The scholarship oversight committee will review the fellow’s scholarly activity plan, hypotheses, evaluate the fellow’s progress of scholarly activity, require the fellow to present/defend the project and advise the program director of the fellow’s progress and assess if the scholarly activity guidelines have been met by the fellow. The committee will be comprised of at least three individuals, at least one of whom is based outside of the Neonatology division. The fellowship director may serve as a trainee’s mentor and participate in the activities of the oversight committee but will not be a voting member.