Accreditation Self-Study 2016: Electronic Resource File

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Chapter 1. The School of Public Health

1.0. The School of Public Health

1.0. Public Notice of Comment Period *

1.0.a. MOU UNMC-UNO *

1.1. Mission


1.2. Evaluation

1.2.a. COPH Annual Outcomes Assessment Report

1.2.d. COPH Self-Study Organizational Structure

1.3. Institutional Environment

1.3.a. UNMC Accrediting Agencies

1.3.c. COPH Faculty Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

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1.4. Organization and Administration


1.5. Governance

1.5.a. COPH Committee Meeting Minutes *

1.5.c.1. COPH Governing Faculty Bylaws

1.5.c.2. COPH Policies and Procedures

1.5.c.3. COPH Student Association Bylaws

1.5.d. University Memberships of COPH Faculty

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1.6. Fiscal Resources


1.7. Faculty and Other Resources

1.7.d.1. UNMC Campus Map

1.7.g. McGoogan Health Sciences Library Overview

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1.8. Diversity

1.8.a.2.1. NU Strategic Planning Framework 

1.8.a.2.2. UNMC Strategic Plan 2015-2018

1.8.a.2.3. UNMC Enhancing Diversity 

1.8.a.3. UNMC FDA MOU *

1.8.a.8.1. COPH Student Recruitment Plan

1.8.a.8.2. Student Diversity Programs

1.8.b. UNMC Diversity Engagement Survey

1.8.d. UNMC Planning Information and Quality Indicators

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Chapter 1