Current Post Doc & PhD Students

Meet our current Post Doc & PhD students and their research interest:

Post Doctoral

150xkaylee-herzogKaylee Herzog, PhD

Professional Interests: Evolutionary Biology | Parasite Genomics & Population Genomics | Taxonomy & Systematics | Human Hookworms | Shark & Ray Tapeworms

PhD Students

150xkathleen-angell.jpgKathleen Angell

Professional Interests: Infectious Disease | Antimicrobial Resistance | Healthcare Associated Infections | Vector-Borne Disease

150xjuliabai.jpgJulia Bai

Professional Interests: Bioterrorism and Deliberate Attacks | Vaccine Hesitancy | Infectious Diseases | Biosecurity and Biocontainment | Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Epidemiology

150xjames-buckleyJames Buckley

Professional Interests: Occupational Health Surveillance | Environmental Health | Non-Communicable Diseases | Nicotine Addiction

150xlaura-fischerLaura Fischer

Professional Interests: Infectious Disease | Emerging Infectious Disease | Vaccine Preventable Diseases and Vaccine Hesitancy

Louis Fok

Professional Interests: Parasitic infections & anthelminthic efficacy | Foodborne diseases & vaccinology | Periodontal disease among the elderly

Emma Hymel

Professional Interests: Pediatric Cancer Epidemiology | Role of Neighborhood Deprivation and Transportation on Pediatric Cancer Outcomes

Josiane Kabayundo

Professional Interests: Cancer Epidemiology and Mental Health Epidemiology

Kristyne D. Mansilla Dubon

Professional Interests: Life Course Research | Women’s Health Research | Global Health | Social Determinants of Health

Ian Marchinton

Professional Interests: Infectious Disease Epidemiology | Molecular Epidemiology, | Virology | Microbiology

Krishtee Napit

Professional Interests: Pediatric Cancer Symptom Clusters and Quality of Life | Cancer Disparities | Colorectal Cancer Screening

Christopher Pierson

Professional Interests: One Health | Veterinary Public Health.

150xnatalia-trinidadNatalia Trinidad

Professional Interests: Tobacco Control and Prevention | Community Engagement and Outreach | Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities | Cancer Epidemiology 


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