Current Post Doc & PhD Students

Meet our current Post Doc & PhD students and their research interest:

Post Doctoral

150xkaylee-herzogKaylee Herzog, PhD

My professional interests are Evolutionary Biology | Parasite Genomics & Population Genomics | Taxonomy & Systematics | Human Hookworms | Shark & Ray Tapeworms

PhD Students

150xkathleen-angell.jpgKathleen Angell

My professional interests are Infectious Disease, Antimicrobial Resistance, Healthcare Associated Infections, Vector-Borne Disease

150xjuliabai.jpgJulia Bai

My professional interests are Bioterrorism and Deliberate Attacks, Vaccine Hesitancy, Infectious Diseases, Biosecurity and Biocontainment, Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Epidemiology

150xlaura-fischerLaura Fischer

My professional interests are infectious disease, emerging infectious disease, vaccine preventable diseases and vaccine hesitancy

Louis Fok

Environmental infectious diseases & vaccinology, Periodontitis among the elderly...

Emma Hymel

Cancer Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases

Josiane Kabayundo

Cancer Epidemiology and Mental Health Epidemiology

Kiara Lyons

Mental and behavioral health, Youth and adolescent health, Trauma-related experiences among youth and adolescents, Psychosocial interventions, including spirituality and social relations...

150-blk-white-coph.pngRaheleh Mohammadi

My professional interests are Infectious Disease, STDs, Climate Change, Environmental Epidemiology

Krishtee Napit

Cancer Epidemiology mainly risk factors identification and prevention and control of cervical cancer and gastrointestinal cancer, & Non-communicable disease...

Christopher Pierson

My professional interests are One Health and Veterinary Public Health.

Shamim Shahi

Cancer Epidemiology

150xnatalia-trinidadNatalia Trinidad

My professional interests are Tobacco Control and Prevention, Community Engagement and Outreach, Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, Cancer Epidemiology 


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