Current PhD Students

Meet our Current PhD students and their research interest:

Yi DuYi Du

My research interests are liver diseases, specifically, liver cancer and Hepatitis C related diseases...

Louis Fok

Environmental infectious diseases & vaccinology, Periodontitis among the elderly...

Kelli Gribben

How gene-environmental interactions modify risk for respiratory diseases, Genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics, and Impact of prenatal and early-life exposures (nutritional, environmental) on development of childhood respiratory diseases...

Sidra Liaquat

Cancer and infectious diseases...

Kiara Lyons

Mental and behavioral health, Youth and adolescent health, Trauma-related experiences among youth and adolescents, Psychosocial interventions, including spirituality and social relations...

Krishtee Napit

Cancer Epidemiology mainly risk factors identification and prevention and control of cervical cancer and gastrointestinal cancer, & Non-communicable disease...

Zaeema Naveed

The knowledge of the public health domain, if applied correctly, can very well alleviate the standards of living in any settings and especially in a developing country like my own...

Shamim Shahi

Cancer Epidemiology


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