For those interested in learning more, Kidsights Data is developing multiple resources. Currently, resources include reports and publications and news. Future additions will include the Kidsights Measurement Tool and the Kidsights Data Communications Tools.

Reports & Publications


Kidsights Data Technical Report

Nebraska Spotlight: Key Findings That Highlight Connections Among Early Childhood Development, Families and Communities 

In the News

UNMC issues first-of-its-kind report on development of Nebraska's youngest kids
-Omaha World-Herald, June 26, 2023

New report highlights how kids are developing
-WJAG News Talk, June 30, 2023

UNMC News Releases

Kidsights Measurement Tool

The Kidsights Measurement Tool is a parent-report measure, usually completed in an online survey, to measure typical early development of children birth to age 5 at the population level within the United States. The tool includes questions about child development based on the child's age and generates an overall score of child development. The Kidsights scores that results from the use of the tool are not intended to assess the development of individual children like a screener or diagnostic. Instead, Kidsights scores can be used to report on overall development for groups of children when measured in the context of factors associated with development, such as family income, education, geography and other family characteristics.

Check back soon for a demo of the Kidsights Measurement Tool!

Kidsights Data Communications Tools

In addition to the survey to collect data on young children, we are developing several resources to support communications activities. The resources are intended to help organizations and partners plan how they would like to use the data and how to present data when it is available.

Check back soon for results from our latest data collection activities!