Types of Agreements

Sponsored Research Agreements (SRAs)

SPA executes an SRA when an industry sponsor funds a research project for a defined period and in return receives contractually agreed on deliverables, such as research data and reports.

Testing Agreements

SPA negotiates a testing agreement when an investigator agrees to test a compound or provide research services to an industry sponsor in a fee for service arrangement.

Collaboration Agreements

SPA executes a Collaboration Agreement when an investigator and commercial partner work together to develop a protocol and each agrees to contribute resources, such as personnel, expertise, materials and/or equipment. Typically they share and discuss the study data and results and often publish jointly.

Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)

Prior to collaborating with an industry sponsor, SPA recommends that you request a CDA to protect your ideas and research plans and facilitate open dialogue and scientific discussion.


Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer Program STTR) projects are typically backed by federal funding and are therefore managed by the SPA grant team. Contact your grant specialist for more information.

Tech Transfer

UNeMed provides intellectual property protection and commercialization services for inventions developed at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. When a sponsored project is likely to lead to significant discoveries involving intellectual property UNeMed negotiates the contract and partners with SPAdmin to manage the award.  Click here to transfer to the UNeMed website.

Vendor Agreements

UNMC Procurement manages and signs vendor agreements that may be needed to support your project. Click here to transfer to the Sapphire portal