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Effective on the 25th of January, all Other Support documents for UNMC employees submitted to SPA for submission to the NIH must be generated from a new RSS functionality. The new RSS functionality ensures institutional compliance with the mandates of NIH, UNMC’s largest sponsor of research.

RSS Other Support job aid - Updated March 28, 2022

RSS Other Support FAQs - Updated March 28, 2022

December 2021 drop-in session

Actions Needed Before the 25th of January:

Compliance with NIH policy requires that each investigator have an understanding of the following with regard to reporting “Other Support” information: 

  1. “Other Support” is a broad concept that includesall of the resources accessible to you, not just the grants and contracts that support your research.  Inclusions in brief: 
    1. Resources that do not have a dollar value attached to them (aka, “in-kind”), as well as resources that do have monetary value. 
    2. Resources that are related to your research, in addition to the resources that directly support your research. 
    3. Resources that are not received through UNMC, including those received in the U.S. as well as those received in other countries outside the U.S.   
      1. NIH's NOT-OD-19-114 is a reminder that documentation submitted by UNMC to NIH must provide transparency with regard to Foreign Influence.  Such documentation takes multiple forms including Other Support and Biosketch documents, Foreign Component information, and Conflict of Interest disclosures.  
    4. Resources that result from your private outside consulting activities if researchis being conducted as part of the consulting activities. 
  2. New: Per NOT-OD-21-110, for submissions due on or after January 25, 2022, each senior/key person must: 
    1. electronically sign their respective Other Support forms. 
    2. provide copies of a) foreign contracts, b) foreign grants, and c) any other agreements specific to foreign appointments, affiliations, and/or employment with a foreign institution. English-language translationsmust be provided for any original documentation that is not in English. 
    3. Use the restructured format page, which now separates funded projects from in-kind contributions. 
  3. New: Per NOT-OD-21-073, project teams must immediately notify SPA of undisclosed Other Support information that was missing at Just-In-Time (JIT) or with an RPPR. Do not wait until the next RPPR. 

NIH Sources specific to Other Support  

UNMC Policy Reminder 

Research investigators are responsible for reporting Other Support/Pending Support to funding agencies per NIH and UNMC requirements.  

UNMC’s policy, Policy No. 8014 Disclosing Foreign Support and International Activitiesreminds researchers of the disclosure requirements: 

Disclosures of Activities Supported by Foreign Entities or Individuals are subject to review by the relevant academic program leader, the Chief Compliance Officer, the Export Control Director, and other UNMC officials as appropriate…When applying for external research funding, UNMC personnel must also comply with any disclosure requirements imposed by the funding organization. In many cases, this may require making separate disclosures to UNMC in addition to any disclosures required by the external funding organization.… Failure to comply with this policy will result in corrective or disciplinary action …, including termination, dismissal, or exclusion from participation in federally funded activities.