Basic Agreements

SPAdmin reviews every agreement to ensure that UNMC can comply and is protected.  Agreements can be categorized broadly as follows.


Typically, UNMC receives Notices of Award (NOAs) or Notices of Grant Awards (NGAs or NOGAs) from federal sponsors, including NIH and HRSA.  An NOA (or NGA or NOGA) typically provides project-specific details about funding commitments, start and end dates, and any special restrictions.  It also incorporates the sponsor’s grants policy by reference.

UNMC also receives Contracts/Agreements from federal sponsors, including DOD.  A Contract/Agreement typically provides more specific details about applicable regulations, including Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) clauses.


The NE DHHS uses a standard template with all NU campuses.


Many national non-profit foundations use a standard template with universities and refer to posted policies and procedures.  Some smaller organizations may issue very detailed or very brief award documents.  Although many of UNMC’s non-profit sponsors tend to follow the NIH’s general award process, others may have unique requirements.  For example, many sponsors allow UNMC to rebudget up to 25%; some sponsors limit rebudgeting to 10% or lower.


SPAdmin’s Contracts team handles industry-sponsored agreements.  UNeHealth handles industry sponsored Clinical Trials agreements.