University of Nebraska Medical Center

Outreach Programs

Dr. Charity Evans leads youth through the Dusk to Dawn program.

Here to Serve Nebraska

The University of Nebraska Medical Center is working to create safe communities for all Nebraskans. UNMC offers a variety of services aimed at preventing violence, advocating for victims and supporting a just and equitable social system. Explore what UNMC has to offer.

Dusk to Dawn

A hospital-based youth violence prevention program. Participants will reflect on their own lives, values and dreams, and how violence steals from life.


Assisting victims of violence returning to their communities with making positive changes in their lives as well as recovering from the physical and emotional trauma caused by violence.

Nebraska Collaborative for Violence Intervention and Prevention

A collaboration between the UNMC Department of Surgery and the University of Nebraska at Omaha School of Criminology and Criminal Justice reducing gun violence and supporting victims of violent injury.