University of Nebraska Medical Center

Author: April Elker

Advanced Practicum Course: Grossing Small Biopsies

This e-modules covers how to gross small biopsies and associated lab procedures.

Jul 19, 2022

Water and Health

This e-module covers the impact of water quality on individual and community health.

Jul 18, 2022

Climate and Health

This e-module offers users insights into the impact of climate change on human health.

Jul 18, 2022

Introduction to Climate Change

This e-module offers users an introduction to climate change and its effect on the community and human health.  

Jul 18, 2022

Physician Finance: Loan Repayment

As medical school tuition rises, understanding loans and their repayment strategies is more critical than ever. Additionally, having a plan to pay off student loans will be important in reducing your debt and reaching financial independence. 

Jun 24, 2022

High Dose Rate Brachytherapy Emergency Training

In brachytherapy, there is a risk that the high dose rate radioactive source can get stuck inside the patient during treatment. This module will allow learners to work through a realistic simulation of a stuck source emergency situation in a safe environment and receive real-time feedback on their decision-making process. The goal is that this […]

Apr 11, 2022