Clinical Trials and Grants

Clinical Trials

10/2022-Present          “NECTAR Trial: Novel Experimental COVID Therapies Affecting Host Response”. NHLBI fundedSite PI- Aaron Barksdale

03/2021-Present          “ICECAP: Influence of Cooling Duration on Efficacy in Cardiac Arrest Patients”. NHLBI/NINDS funded (SIREN Network)Site PI- Aaron Barksdale

09/2020-Present          “Evaluation of Stressors related to COVID-19 in Emergency Medicine Physicians”.  Emergency Medicine Foundation Grant.  Site PI- Jordan Warchol

June 2020-Present       “PsySTART Rapid Triage and Linkage for Emergency Department Providers During COVID-19”. CDC funded.  Site PI- Aaron Barksdale. Total Funding- $150,001

June 2020-Present       Healthcare Worker Exposure Response and Outcomes of Hydroxychloroquine Trial (HERO-HCQ Trial). PCORI funded.  Site PI- Jim McClay.  Total Funding-$533,678

09-2019-Present          “Hyperbaric Oxygen Brain Injury Treatment (HOBIT) Trial”.  SIREN/NIH fundedSite PI- Jeff Cooper

 04-2019-Present          Use of Methylene Blue in Acquired Methemoglobinemia: Prospective Observational Registry (metHb). Hospital Quality FoundationSite PI Aaron Barksdale

 2015-01/2020              ED-SAFE-2: Translating Safety Planning into Practice.  Site PI- Wes Zeger Total Funding- $180,470

 11/2018-01/2020         “VICTAS Trial”, A multi-center, randomized, placebo-controlled, ouble-blind, adaptive clinical trial of vitamin C, thiamine and steroids, as combination therapy in patients with sepsis.  Marcus Foundation. Total funding- $86,185.84. Site PI- Aaron Barksdale

 2/2015 – 1/2017          “AQT90 FLEX TnI and TnT – Clinical Sensitivity and Specificity Trial”, multi-center trial. Radiometer. Site PI- Aaron Barksdale. Total funding- $215,479.11

 7/2015 – 1/2017          “Reverse AD Trial, evaluating the effectiveness of a reversal agent for dabigatran”, multi-center, opened ended phase III trial. Boehringer-Ingelheim.  Site PI- Aaron Barksdale. Total funding- $33,999.09

 12/2016 – 8/2017        “Sepsis-ACT”, multi-center trial, Selepression Evaluation Programme for Sepsis-Induced Shock-Adaptive Clinical Trail. Ferring.  Site Co-I- Aaron Barksdale

 5/2014 – 3/2016          “RELAX-AHF-2” Trial, A multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase IIIb study to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of Serelaxin when added to standard therapy in acute heart failure patients.  Novartis.  Site Co-I- Aaron Barksdale

 7/2014 – 9/2015          “SOCRATES” Trial (Acute Stroke Or Transient Ischemic Attack Treated with Aspirin or Ticagrelor and Patient Outcomes), A Randomized, Double-Blind, Multinational Study to Prevent Major Vascular Events with Ticagrelor Compared to Aspirin (ASA) in Patients with Acute Ischaemic Stroke or TIA. AstraZeneca. Site Co-I- Aaron Barksdale


June 2020-Current      “PsySTART Rapid Triage and Linkage for Emergency Department Providers During COVID-19”. CDC funded.  Site PI- Aaron Barksdale. Total Funding- $150,001

May 2020-Current      Novel Self-collection respiratory pathogen specimen collection device. UNMC COVID-19 Rapids Response Grant.  Site PI- Thang Nguyen, CoI-Wes Zeger, Make Wadman.  Total Funding- $14,000

08/2017-04/2022         Novel target mechanism (renal denervation) to reduce sodium retention in chronic heart failure. NIH/NIDDK, 1R01DK114663-01 (Co-Investigator: Yu-Long Li). Total Funding- $2,072,021.

08/201/-07/2022          Potential therapies to improve ventricular vagal function in type 2 diabetes. NIH/NHLBI, 1R01HL144146-01 (Principal Investigator: Yu-Long Li). Total funding- $1,525,000

07/2017-06/2021         Mechanisms of cardiac sympathetic hyperactivity in chronic heart failure. NIH/NHLBI, 1R01HL137832-01 (Principal Investigator: Yu-Long Li). Total Funding $1,505,000.

06/2019-12/2020         Development of a Culturally Sensitive Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and Sexual Assacult Infomred Care lectureship in Japan. United States-Japan Foundation. Site PI- Wes Zeger, CI- Thang Nguyen, Aaron Barksdale, Mike Wadman

01/2020-09/2020         Advancement of PCORnet Infrastructure: Clinical Research Network.  Site PI- Jim McClay.  Total Funding- $187,512

07/2016-08/2020         Aspirain Dosing: A Patient –Centric Trial Assessing Benefits and Long-term Effectiveness (ADAPTABLE).  Site PI- Jim McClay, Total Funding-$85,800

07/2019-06-2020         Multi-layered vascularized cardiac patch for the treatment of chronic heart failure. University of Nebraska Collaboration Initiative Seed Grant (Co-Principal Investigator: Yu-Long Li). Total Funding- $150,000.

11/2018-02/2020         PCRF- PCORnet 2.0/PCRnet Clinical Research Network Infrastructure.  Site PI- Jim McClay.  Total Funding- $250,898

03/2017-08/2019         Optimized liposomal dexamethasone therapy improves functional outcome of post-traumatic skeletal muscle and neuromuscular junction. USAMRAA grant from Department of Defense, W81XWH-17-1-0037 (Principal Investigator: Yu-Long Li). Total Funding- $360,645.

08/2013-06/2019         Molecular and cellular determinants of the exercise pressor reflex in CHF. NIH/NHLBI, R01HL116608-01A1 (Co-Investigator: Yu-Long Li). Total Funding- $1,849,140

09/2015-03/2019         Greater Plains Collaborative Clinical Data Research Network.  Site PI-Jim McClay.  Total Funding-$399,000

09/2016-09/2018         Greate Plains Collaborative Clinic Data Research Network.  Site PI- Jim McClay.  Total Funding- $108,526

04/2017-09/2018         Dodecafluoropentane prevents ischemia reperfusion injury in contemporary acute myocardial infarction management. NIH/NHLBI, 1R43HL137545-01 (Co-Investigator: Yu-Long Li). Total Funding $317,743.

09/2017-05/2018         Greate Plains Collaborative Clinical Data Research Network.  Site PI- Jim McClay.  Total Funding- $77,003

02/2016-01/2018         PCORNet Bariatric Study.  Site PI- Jim McClay. Total Funding-$41,706

07/2015-06/2017         Role of ventricular vagal dysfunction in ventricular arrhythmogenesis in heart failure. Grant-in-Aid from American Heart Association, 15GRANT24970002 (Principal Investigator: Yu-Long Li). Total funding-$143,000.

01/2016-12/2016         Informatics Education.  Site PI- Jim McClay. Total Funding-$10,000

2014-2016                   Team Dynamics in Emergency Medicine.  Vietnam Educations Foundation.  Site PI- Wes Zeger, Co-I- Thang Nguyen, Mike Wadman. Total Funding- $47,214