University of Nebraska Medical Center

Life in Omaha

Andrea Green Hines
"I was born and raised in Nebraska and have always appreciated the hard work ethic and genuine kindness of our citizens.  Omaha has a lot to offer for everyone, no matter what chapter of life you may be in.  I currently live approximately 15 minutes west of UNMC with my husband and children and we enjoy going to the Children's MuseumHenry Doorly Zoo, and Fontenelle Forest.  Also, if you're a "foodie", Omaha is the place for you as you can find any type of cuisine that you desire here!" - Dr. Andrea Green
Sara Bares
"I didn't realize how many unique attractions existed in the area. We have a free digital library (DoSpace), awesome pumpkin patches (my kids think the one near us is almost as fun as Disney World), and a really impressive zoo, among other things. I also think it’s easier to see some of the great concerts and shows that come to town because the tickets are generally available and the parking and babysitting is more affordable than it was in some of the bigger cities I’ve lived in." - Dr. Sara Bares
Nicolas Cortes Penfield
I was surprised at how diverse Omaha’s population really is. We have vibrant African-American and Latinx communities-  I was not expecting to find authentic pupusas in south Omaha, but, well, here we are.  I also think downtown Omaha specifically has a great college town vibe, with a bunch of cool locally-owned shops and restaurants; if I’d moved here five or ten years ago, I definitely would have wanted to live in the Old Market area. - Dr. Nico Cortes-Penfield
Lindsey Rearigh
Honestly not being from Omaha or having ever visited here before my interview, I didn't know a lot about Omaha and I thought it was going to be a lot like other Midwestern towns.  Omaha is really awesome and diverse and they have a lot of different things that you would never expect.   They have a speakeasy scene which is really cool and unique.  There are about 5 speakeasies in Omaha and each one is different and diverse and it is really fun to go to each of them. - Lindsey Rearigh, Fellow
Angela Hewlett
My UNMC interview was my first trip to Nebraska and I was immediately impressed with Omaha. I grew up in a large city, and Omaha has all the benefits of a large metro area with none of the traffic and the hassles. I love the great restaurants, theater, and symphony, museums, zoo, and there are plenty of outdoor activities.  The schools are fantastic, and it’s a great place to raise kids.  I also love that we have all 4 seasons, and especially enjoy taking my family to the apple orchards and pumpkin patches in the Fall. I am thankful every day that we decided to move here. - Dr. Angela Hewlett
Trevor Van Schooneveld
I didn't know that Omaha had so many enjoyable outdoor activities when he moved here. Also, I was greatly surprised by the plethora of amazing restaurants. Omaha is also so affordable to live in. - Dr. Trevor Van Schooneveld
Andrea Zimmer




I live near Rockbrook Village, and my family and I enjoy walking there to grab a bite or pursue some of the seasonal festivals and art fairs. We also love the restaurants and outdoor concerts in Aksarben Village. Some of our favorite weekend activities include exploring Omaha’s extensive network of walking and bike trails and checking out the fantastic local craft breweries. - Dr. Andrea Zimmer

Jonathan Ryder


Having lived in Omaha during medical school, I grew to love this city as a young professional. An incredibly convenient, livable city, Omaha features an incredible parks & trail system, Broadway shows at the Orpheum, numerous amateur and college sporting events, and a diverse underrated food scene. I live along 72nd Street near Aksarben Village, a central part of the city with a short drive to UNMC and close access to numerous shops and restaurants.