Patient Care

The Division of Infectious Diseases is actively involved in clinical care throughout the Nebraska Medicine healthcare system, both in the inpatient consultation services and in the outpatient clinics.

Inpatient Care:
The division maintains 2 active inpatient services. The General Infectious Diseases service cares for a variety of patients with both common and uncommon infections throughout the hospital, ICU, and surgical care areas. The Transplant Infectious Diseases service (link to transplant) provides care for both pediatric and adult solid organ transplant patients. Specialized care is also provided for oncologic and bone marrow transplant patients and patients with bone and joint infections.

Outpatient Care:
Durham Outpatient CenterThe Division of Infectious Diseases provides outpatient consultation and/or continuing care for patients with a variety of infectious disease conditions including osteomyelitis, endocarditis, infections due to resistant pathogens, complicated fungal infections, infections in patients with compromised immune systems, and many others.


5th Floor Durham Outpatient Center
42nd and Emile St.
Omaha, NE 68198
Phone Number: 402-559-8650

Patients interested in being seen in consultation must have a physician referral and can reach us using the information above. We request patients provide all pertinent records including medical records, images, pathology reports, and other pertinent information before or at their appointment. This is to expedite your care. Please be aware your initial visit may take several hours as a complete history and examination will be performed. We provide comprehensive care which means that we spend a portion of each visit providing you with instruction and answering your questions. We believe that each patient should be given the time needed to feel comfortable with a new diagnosis, medication, or treatment. We suggest that you write down any information or questions that you wish to discuss with your physician prior to your visit.

The Transplant Infectious Diseases Program

Clinical care for patients with HIV/AIDS is provided at the Specialty Care Clinic located at 52nd and Leavenworth St. For more information please visit the website.