University of Nebraska Medical Center

Library Student Fees

Library Fee (Mandatory)

As of July 1, 2023, the Library Student Fee for all University of Nebraska Consortium of Libraries (UNCL) member libraries is $8.25 per credit hour. The Library Fee covers a core collection of health sciences and biomedical materials: online journal content from publisher packages, databases, the Grammarly writing resource, e-book collections used in UNMC courses across all colleges, and selected significant course-related texts in electronic format. For UNMC, about 98% of these materials are available anywhere there is internet access.

These resources are purchased in coordination with and through UNCL or through the McGoogan Health Sciences Library. UNMC's Library Fee revenues only covers UNMC’s portion of UNCL.

Dissertation/Thesis Binding Fee (Optional)

In 2017, the binding fee was set to $25.00 per requested copy. This cost per copy covers the bindery’s charges including fuel surcharge and shipping, plus a library processing fee. The library minimizes fuel surcharges by combining multiple orders when possible, without causing undue delay in the return of bound items to the student. When orders are received from the vendor at the library, students may pick up their items from the library. If a student wishes to have their bound items mailed to them, the library will charge an additional fee of $10, not reflected below.

A breakdown of the fee is as follows:

Binding Fee

Bindery fee $16.00
Bindery fuel & shipping fee $4.50
Library processing fee $4.50
TOTAL $25.00