University of Nebraska Medical Center

Strategic Initiatives for FY23

Educational Learner Focus:

  1. Support the educational needs of UNMC learners by increasing curriculum-based collection development
  2. With UNMC’s curriculum assessment team, use curriculum and standards data to obtain insight into accomplishments of information literacy objectives by UNMC learners.
  3. Strengthen and expand library resources and outreach to support K-12 STEAM.
  4. Develop in-person and remote resources to support student success programs and student orientations to the library.
  5. Engage students within Canvas and the library website.
  6. Support trainee’s research, patient care, quality improvement projects, and evidence-based practice by providing instruction sessions, one-on-one consultations, literature search services, and research support.
  7. Support residents in the submission and authoring process for UNMC-hosted Graduate Medical Education Journal.
  8. Develop library and information resources, exhibits, and instruction to engage the rural health workforce.
  9. With UNMC partners, support efficient and clear routes for UNMC preceptors to access library resources and services.

Research Scope and Prominence

  1. Provide relevant assessments of use of library collections and services for Nebraska Medicine, Children’s Hospital and Medical Center, and the American College of Surgeons.
  2. Develop promotional packages and services that enable the promotion of research output.
  3. Develop appropriate resources and services for bioinformatics programs.
  4. Develop a suite of data services and partnerships to support UNMC researchers.
  5. Develop education and research services to support partnerships that strengthen UNMC’s economic development.
  6. Prioritize pursuit of research for library faculty and provide the protected time and dedicated resources for them to be successful while at UNMC.

Clinical Excellence

  1. Provide resources, literature search services, and instruction sessions that clinicians need, thus reducing information overload and freeing clinicians to focus on patient care.

Community Engagement

  1. Establish programs and partnerships to support statewide engagement in health humanities research, learning, and art.
  2. Expand the library’s capacity to provide statewide consumer health information by strengthening partnerships, developing virtual and in-person training opportunities, and increasing access to the UNMC Health Information Resource Service.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity

  1. Equip library faculty and supervisors with information and resources to support a smooth and efficient pathway through the promotion process.
  2. Expand the library’s special collections and archives in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion through oral histories and collections.
  3. Ensure the library’s collection has equitable accessibility, including topics related to under-represented groups, and addresses healthcare and health sciences education disparities.
  4. Maintain and develop library spaces that are accessible, inclusive, and comfortable.
  5. Maintain and develop online library portals and communication tools that are accessible and useful for UNMC users. Consistently use inclusive practices in services and instruction.

Economic Development

  1. Empower UNMC researchers to develop prototypes using Maker Studio resources.

Organizational Culture

  1. Engage the interests of new and existing special collections and archives audiences by providing opportunities to interact with the collections.
  2. Improve the accessibility of special collections and archives materials through increased intellectual control of the collection and public-facing content management systems.
  3. Strengthen the oral history program to capture the history of UNMC.
  4. Promote stories and relevant data that inform audiences of the impact of the library at UNMC, and of UNCL library cooperation.
  5. Position library staff and resources to support UNMC’s vision to be an academic medical center leading the way in the use of design thinking for innovation.
  6. Promote transparency to faculty, students, and staff about how the library builds and manages the general collection.
  7. Provide coordinated and efficient research support for UNMC programs across Nebraska.
  8. Develop partnerships and resources to support library and campus wellness.

Organizational Leadership

  1. Develop a library-wide succession plan that incorporates risk awareness and opportunity and growth in library staff.