University of Nebraska Medical Center

Strategic Initiatives for FY24

Educational Learner Focus

  1. Incorporate revised and program-specific standards for information literacy into curriculum-based instruction planning and delivery.
  2. Establish a collaborative, co-curricular academic publishing instruction program.
  3. Serve as a community partner and resource for STEAM education.   
  4. Serve as a national leader for library and archives education.
  5. Provide sound guidance on the use of artificial intelligence in health professions education and research.
  6. Develop library, museum, and archives-related microcredential course offerings in coordination with UNMC partners.
  7. Support the graduate education of interns, residents and fellows and other post-graduate health trainees.

Research Scope and Prominence

  1. Provide a robust library-based data services program.
  2. Promote library services and resources to new researchers.
  3. Engage workforce partners in the use of library and information resources to meet pathways program needs.

Clinical Excellence

  1. Support the efficient use of evidence-based practice information for UNMC clinicians and staff in clinical care settings.
  2. Collaborate with clinical partners to support information needs and efforts of Project NExT.
  3. Collaborate with Rural Health Center to support health information literacy promotion.

Community Engagement

  1. Serve as a trusted source of accurate health information, health and wellness learning, and health history topics in Nebraska.  
  2. Support statewide programs to provide access to UNMC Health Information Service and health information-related programming.

Inclusion, Diversity, and Belonging

  1. Promote and empower the career growth, goals, and professional fulfillment of all library faculty and staff.
  2. Serve as a premier resource and trusted partner for health humanities in Nebraska. 
  3. Actively collect UNMC student history.
  4. The library welcomes student organizations and employee resources groups.

Economic Development

  1. Promote researcher-led prototyping using Maker Studio resources.
  2. Grow mutually beneficial relationships with the Catalyst/UNMC Innovation Hub partners.

Organizational Culture

  1. Foster wellness, career development, and professional growth for library staff.
  2. Support library-wide awareness of design thinking use for library and UNMC innovation strategies.
  3. Utilize innovative communication strategies to reach library partners and knowledge users.
  4. The library is a dynamic campus wellness hub.

Organizational Leadership

  1. Align library goals and NUF library-supporting development strategies.
  2. Develop comprehensive library assessment strategies to communicate library stewardship. achievements and library value to the UMNC community.
  3. Engage in succession planning for library leadership roles.
  4. Develop mentoring and coaching skills in library faculty and staff.