Adaptive Sports

Adaptive Sports

Adaptive Sports is a program for school-aged participants (ages 8 to 21) with developmental disabilities to learn rules and skills for sports like volleyball, basketball, football, soccer and hockey.

Adaptive Sports generally follows the typical schedule of children’s sports programs around the country. Participants will start with skills and rules for the sports typically played in the fall and progress to sports played in the winter, spring and summer. Adaptive Sports is led by a trained recreation therapist and activity technicians are present for additional support as needed. We welcome participants who use wheelchairs or other assistive devices.

For each sport, participants will learn the rules and skills necessary to play that sport. Skills and rules are learned in small groups, then participants come together to play games that use their new skills.

Program details

Please note this program is not designed for individuals who need extensive 1-to-1 supervision and/or have severe behavioral problems.

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