Pediatric Programs

Young man with hands in the air, excited to be holding a snake around his neck during a wildlife encounter.

Pediatric Programs

Munroe-Meyer pediatric recreational therapy programs are for children and youth ages 3 through 21 with developmental disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Spina Bifida and/or genetic disorders. 

The program’s mission is to offer children and youth with developmental disabilities experiences that can meet their individual needs while providing opportunities for recreational play and social interaction with peers.

Our pediatric services are provided by professionals trained in recreational therapy and who are passionate about transforming the lives of individuals with disabilities and complex health care needs.

Pediatric recreation therapy programs have a fee to participate and scholarships may be available. Some programs offer sliding scale fees and scholarships may be available. Check individual program pages for details.

Please note these programs are not designed to serve individuals who have severe behavioral problems such as aggressive acts towards others, self-injurious behaviors and/or destruction of property (throwing and/or damaging furniture and equipment).