Pediatric Feeding Disorders

Parents feeding child; Credit Andreae Piacquadio, Pexels.

Training in Pediatric Feeding Disorders

We are dedicated to disseminating what we know about researching, assessing, and treating Pediatric Feeding Disorder. Our goal is to train the next generation of leaders in the field who will conduct innovative research and provide exceptional patient- and family-centered, data-driven care to more children with Pediatric Feeding Disorder.

As a student or trainee in the Department of Pediatric Feeding Disorders, you will find an intellectually engaging environment and supportive faculty dedicated to your success. You will learn to provide care as part of an interdisciplinary team, and many trainees have the opportunity to lead and supervise other team members. Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Licensed Psychologists are available to provide individual and group supervision.

Upon joining our department, you will have an abundance of opportunities to join ongoing research projects, analyze existing data, collaborate with other departments at MMI, or conduct your own study within the department. We encourage all team members to present their research at state, national, and international conferences. The faculty and fellows then provide the mentoring needed to turn those presentations into publications.

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