Role Model Poster Project

The purpose of this program is to stimulate the interest in health and science among Native American youth.

In an effort to create awareness of Native Americans presently in health and science fields and to encourage students to explore these professions, the SEPA program staff wants your help in nominating Native American professionals who would be good role models for young Native American students.

Ramona Zephier PA

Role Model Posters

The role model poster series feature Native Americans from across the country who work in a science or health science field.  Designed with the idea of providing positive and inspiring role models to Native students, these posters are great for classroom instruction, hallway displays and multicultural events as well as being a novel way of exposing students to new career possibilities.  Each set features five different individuals and their careers.

Set 10:

Education Administrator, Math Teacher, Preventive/Societal Medicine Researcher, Orthopedic Surgeon and Evolutionary Biologist/Ecologist

Set 10 Composite

Set 9:

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor, Mental Health Counselor, Mental Health Therapist, Psychologist and Substance Abuse Counselor

Set 8:

Nurse, Biologist, Dental Assistant, Pharmacy Technician and Health Scientist

SEPA Set 8 Posters

Set 7:

Physician Assistant, Bioethicist, Architect, Optical Engineer and Physical Therapist

SEPA Set 7 Posters

Set 6:

Marine Biologist, Astronomer, Physicist, Assistant Surgeon General (retired) and Lab Supervisor

SEPA Set 6 Posters

Set 5:

Buffalo Herd Manager, Veterinarian, Chemical Engineer and Environmental Specialist

SEPA Set 5 Posters

Set 4:

Firefighter, Industrial Tech Teacher, Agricultural Manager, Clinical Services Administrator and EMT

SEPA Set 4 Posters

Set 3:

Veterinary Technician, Anthropologist, Dentist (female), Astronaut and Social Worker

SEPA Set 3 Posters

Set 2:

Occupational Therapist, High School Science Teacher, Middle School Science Teacher and Molecular Immunologist

SEPA Set 2 Posters

Set 1:

Environmental Engineer, School Psychologist, Physician and Radiology Technologist

SEPA Set 1 Posters