Cortney E. Heim, PhD

Department Affiliations
Senior Scientist, Kielian Lab

Education and Training
PhD, University of Nebraska Medical Center, 2015
BA, Biology, Southwest Minnesota State University, 2011

Honors and Awards
Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, American Heart Association, 2013-2015
2nd Place Oral Presentation, Missouri Valley Branches, American Society for Microbiology, Kansas City, MO, 2014

Notable Publications
Brown, E.M., Ke, X., Hitchcock, D., Jeanfavre, S., Avila-Pacheco, J., Nakata, T., Arthur, T.D., Fornelos, N., Heim, C., Franzosa, E.A., Watson, N., Huttenhower, C., Haiser, H.J., Dillow, G., Graham, D.B., Finlay, B.B., Kostic, A.D., Porter, J.A., Vlamakis, H., Clish, C.B., and Xavier, R.J. Bacteroides-derived sphingolipids are critical for maintaining intestinal homeostasis and symbiosis. Cell Host Microbe. 2019.

Heim, C.E., West, S.C., Ali, H., and Kielian, T. Heterogeneity of Ly6G+Ly6C+ myeloid-derived suppressor cell infiltrates during Staphylococcus aureus biofilm infection. Infect Immun. 2018.

Yamada, K.J., Heim, C.E., Aldrich, A.L., Gries, C.M., Staudacher, A.G., and Kielian, T. Arginase-1 expression in myeloid cells regulates aureus planktonic but not biofilm infection. Infect Immun. 2018.

Heim, C.E., Vidlak, D., Odvody, J., Hartman, C.W., Garvin, K.L., and Kielian, T. Human prosthetic joint infections are associated with myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs): implications for infection persistence. J Orthop Res. 36(6):1605-1613.

Wlodarska, M., Luo, C., Kolde, R., d’Hennezel, E., Annand, J.W., Heim, C.E., Garner, A.L., O’Connell, D.J., Krastel, P., Schmitt, E.K., Abubucker, S., Murphy, L.O., Haiser, H.J., Vlamakis, H., Porter, J.A., and Xavier, R.J. Indoleacrylic acid produced by commensal Peptostreptococcus species suppresses inflammation. Cell Host Microbe 22(1): 25-37.

Heim, C.E., Vidlak, D. and Kielian, T. Interleukin-10 production by myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) contributes to bacterial persistence during aureus orthopedic biofilm infection. J Leuk Biol 98(6): 1003-13.

Heim, C.E.*, Vidlak, D., Scherr, T.D., Hartman, C.W., and Kielian, T. Interleukin-12 is critical for the establishment of aureus orthopedic implant infection. J Immunol. 2015. 194(8): 3861-72. *Equal contribution by C.E.H. and D.V.

Mootz, J.M., Benson, M.A., Heim, C.E., Dunman, P.M., Kielian, T., Torres, V.J., and Horswill, A.H. Rot is essential for Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation. Mol Micro 96(2):388-404.

Wang, G., Hanke, M.L., Mishra, B., Lushinokova, T., Heim, C.E., Thomas, V.C., Bayles, K.W., Kielian, T. Transformation of human cathelicidin LL-37 into selective, stable and potent antimicrobial compounds. ACS Chem Biol.9(9):1997-2002.

Heim, C.E., Vidlak, D., Scherr, T.D., Kozel, J.A., Holzapfel, M., Muirhead, D.E., Kielian, T. Myeloid-derived suppressor cells contribute to Staphylococcus aureus orthopedic biofilm infection. J Immunol. 2014 192.

Scherr, T.D., Heim, C.E., Morrison, J.M., Kielian, T. Hiding in plain sight: Interplay between staphylococcal biofilms and host immunity. Front Immunol. 2014 5: 37.

Hanke, M.L.*, Heim, C.E.*, Angle, A., Sanderson, S.D., and Kielian, T. Targeting macrophage activation for the prevention of Staphylococcus aureus biofilm infections. J Immunol. 2013 190(5): 2159-68. *Equal contribution by M.L.H. and C.E.H.

Menousek, J., Mishra, B., Hanke, M.L., Heim, C.E., Kielian, T. and Wang, G. Database screening and in vivo efficacy of antimicrobial peptides against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus USA300. Int J Antimicrob Agents. 2012 39(5): 402-6.

Book Chapters
Heim, C.E., Hanke, M.L., and Kielian, T. A mouse model of staphylococcus catheter-associated biofilm infection. Methods Mol Biol. 2014 1106: 183-91.