Tissue Procurement Shared Resource


The mission of the UNMC Tissue Procurement Shared Resource (TPSR) is to procure and coordinate distribution of fresh frozen human tissue in an optimal state of preservation for requesting investigators without impacting diagnostic quality, accuracy and safety in anatomic pathology. Additional services offered include biospecimen DNA or RNA extraction, sectioning of frozen tissues, short-term tissue culture, cytogenetic/molecular cytogenetic analysis (contact TPSR for list of probes available), and tissue preparation via investigator-driven protocols.

Dr. Benjamin Swanson is the director of the facility, and Dr. Timothy Greiner is the associate director responsible for the TPSR hematologic tissue component. Further, a multidisciplinary oversight committee (the Tissue Utilization Committee) serves to review tissue requests to prioritize and ensure equitable usage. The facility requires proper Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval prior to release of human tissues for research purposes. TPSR is staffed by highly skilled technologists with expertise in pathology, cytogenetics, and molecular biology. The facility can provide basic demographic and histopathologic information on samples through a confidential database so that findings from basic research can be correlated with clinical data while maintaining strict patient confidentiality.

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Links to TPSR services offered and application procedures and forms are provided herein. The facility operates on a fee for service basis and a complete list of charges for current services is available.

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As a centralized shared resource, the TPSR adds value through experience, efficiency, standardization, accountability, protection of patient confidentially, and timely completion of research.

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