Grant Administration

Submitting and administering are complex processes with funder, university, and department guidelines and requirements. The Department of Pathology & Microbiology provides resources and support for successful grant application preparation, submission, and project administration and closeout.

Please be aware that final documents for all portions of a submission is due to the department grants administrative office by 2:00 PM the day before it is due for final submission to the funding agency. This allows enough time for the department and Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) to upload and review before final submission.

Grant Application Timeline

Two Weeks Prior to Due Date

1.  Complete Intent to Submit Grant document with required information and send to Kara Shellman-Kuhns. You will need the following information for the document.

Required Information 
a. Status of Grant:
new, resubmission, or renewal
g. Start Date 
b. Funding Agency h. Number of Years
c. Funding Announcement:
PA, RAF, RFP or link
i. Budget Type:
modular or detailed
d. Submission Deadline j. Subcontract
e. Grant Title k. International Collaboration:
complete the International Project online.  
f. Role: PI, Co-I, Collaborator,
or Contractor

2.  Kara will notify you which grant coordinator will be assisting you with your grant. She will notify Taylor Loy in Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) of the proposal.

3.  Kara will contact you to develop both the grant funding agency budget and the internal UNMC form. Please inform her of any subcontracts that may be associated with your grant submission. Budget development is complex, so work with Kara early and often to complete this section as it can set proposals back significantly.

Grant Budget and Internal Form Subcontract Budget
a. Budget Amount a. Contractor Name
b. Personnel Information: name, title, and effort in percent or person months for each person on grant b. Institution Name
c. Operating Expenses: dollar amount c. Institution Address
d. Supply Expenses: dollar amount d. Institution Sponsored Program Administration or related entity
e. Travel Expenses: dollar amount e. Subcontract Budget Details as listed in the previous column
f. Equipment Expenses: dollar amount f. Letter of Intent
g. Consultant: dollar amount, name, address and phone number  
h. Budget Justification  
i. Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol  
j. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocol  

4.  Kara will complete the necessary internal form in ADIS and route for signatures. This must be done before grant budget can be entered in the application.

Three Business Days Prior to Due Date

1. Send all documents to grant coordinator to check and upload documents for SPA review. This three day window allows SPA enough time to review and take proper corrective action if necessary. The following documents need to be final. This list includes the standard documents in most NIH grants, so the documents required for your grant application might vary. You can continue to work on primary Research Plan and Bibliography & References Cited until the due date if necessary.

Required Documents for Upload
a. Project Summary/Abstract g. Equipment
b. Project Narrative h. Research Plan (draft)
c. Biosketch(s) i. Bibliography & References Cited (draft)
d. Facilities & Other Resources j. If applicable - Vertebrate Animal, Human Subjects, Stem Cell, Authentication of Key Biological and/or Chemical Resources, and/or Resource Sharing Plan
e. Budget  k. Cover Letter or SPA can provide one
f. Budget Justification l. Letter(s) of Support - if relevant


Due Date

1.  By 2:00 PM on the day before the grant is due to the funding agency, please submit final Research Plan and Bibliography & References Cited to grant coordinator for upload into system for final review by SPA.