Dhananjay Shinde, PhD

Department Affiliations
Senior Scientist, Thomas Lab

Education and Training
MSc Analytical Chemistry, SRTM University, Nanded, India
PhD, Analytical Chemistry Division, IICT-Osmania University, Hyderabad, India 2009

Notable Publications
LC-HRMS based approach to identify novel sphingolipid biomarkers in breast cancer patients. P Bhadwal, D Dahiya, Dhananjay Shinde, K Vaiphei, RGH Math, V Randhawa & N Agnihotri, Scientific reports 10, 4668, 2020.

A novel mass assay to measure phosphatidylinositol-5-phosphate from cells and tissues. A Ghosh, S Sharma, Dhananjay Shinde, V Ramya, P Raghu, Bioscience reports 39 (10) BSR20192502, 2019.

Phosphatidylinositol 5 Phosphate 4-Kinase Regulates Plasma-Membrane PIP3 Turnover and Insulin Signaling. S Sharma, S Mathre, V Ramya, Dhananjay Shinde, P Raghu, Cell reports 27 (7), 1979-1990. e7, 2019

Signalling Growth through Lipid Kinases. S Sharma, S Mathre, V Ramya, Dhananjay Shinde, P. Raghu. Biophysical Journal 116 (3), 130a, 2019

Functional analysis of mammalian phospholipase D enzymes. A Panda, R Thakur, H Krishnan, A Naik, Dhananjay Shinde, P Raghu, Bioscience reports 38 (6), BSR20181690, 2018

Insulin sensitivity and PIP3 turnover in Drosophila are regulated by phosphatidylinositol 5 phosphate 4-kinase. S Sharma, S Mathre, R Visvanathan, Dhananjay Shinde, P Raghu, bioRxiv, 333153, 2018.

Regulation of PI4P levels by PI4KIIIα during G-protein coupled PLC signaling in Drosophila photoreceptors. Padinjat R SS. Balakrishna, U. Basu, Dhananjay D Shinde , M. Jaiswal. Journal of Cell Science, 2018 (In Press)

Two new substituted polychiral 5, 6-dihydro-α-pyrones from Orthosiphon diffusus and molecular docking studies H. Hollaa, A. Sharma, P. Bhat, Dhananjay Shinde, B. Das. Phytochemistry Letters, 2017 (In Press)

Two novel polychiral furanopyrans from orthosiphon diffusus. A.Majhi, H.Holla, Dhananjay D Shinde, G.Srinivasulu, A.Sai Krishna, VR. Janapala, B. Das, Indian Journal of Chemistry, 2017, 56B, 855.

Multidimensional High Resolution Mass Spectrometry in Lipidome Analysis. Raviswamy GH Math, Vikas Kumar, Dhananjay D. Shinde*, CuttingEdge, 2017, 7, 36. https://www.spincotech.com/ebook/july2017/.

Enantioselective N-Demethylation and Hydroxylation of Sibutramine in Human Liver Microsomes and Recombinant Cytochrome P-450 Isoforms. Dhananjay D. Shinde,  M.J. Kim, E.S. Jeong, Y.W. Kime, D.H.Kim, J.G.Shin, J. of Toxic. and Environ. Health Part A, 2014, 77, 1419.

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